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90 Day Fiance Cast Grapples with Cheating, Insecurities, and SO Many Lies

todayOctober 23, 2023

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90 Day Fiance Season 10, Episode 3 saw the cast (all of the ones whom we’ve met so far) spending time with their partners.

Jasmine and Gino spent their first night together. Ashley and Manuel awoke from theirs, as did Rob and Sophie. Nikki and Justin reunited.

But a number of these folks are harboring secrets from loved ones. It’s time to come clean.

One of them cheated. It’s not a secret from his partner … but he clearly wishes that it were.

Jasmine Pineda stands while wearing a skimpy nurse costume and holding a small sex toy, gesturing to Gino Palazzolo in their Michigan bedroom. Gino is wearing blue hospital scrubs, complete with a head covering.
Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo have, and this is important, likely never attended medical school. (Image Credit: TLC)

Gino and Jasmine

Before either Gino or Jasmine confessed their lies on Season 3, they had some more basic chores.

Inexplicably, Gino hadn’t cleaned up ahead of Jasmine’s arrival. He didn’t change his sheets, make the bed, or even flush the toilet.

Once Gino washed the musty smell out of his duvet, it was time for their first night together. We’re meant to interpret Jasmine and Gino’s faux medical cosplay as “sexy,” I believe.

Jasmine Pineda leans into a closet while wearing a skimpy nurse costume. Her voiceover caption reads: "I had reconstruction in my hymen."
Jasmine Pineda is really proving that New York Times article true: “We Should All Know Less About Each Other.” (Image Credit: TLC)

To the confessional camera, Jasmine admitted that one of her procedures — some sort of vaginal rejuvenation treatment — had backfired.

It had ruined her sex life with Gino, at least for a while. As a result, the two fought a lot. (We’d love to know the timeline on this, but we do not)

Now, she said, it was time to make up for lost time. Apparently this means roleplay where she is both nurse and patient. Whatever happened to medical ethics?

Jasmine Pineda stares tearfully and in shock, wearing a robe but fully made up.
Over the years, Jasmine Pineda has cried over reasonable things and unreasonable ones. Most famously, the latter. (Image Credit: TLC)

The next morning, Jasmine spends time scolding Gino for not having vegan-friendly food for her (which is fair). She also tells him that she wants him to eat differently, confiding to the camera that she plans to trick him into being vegan (which is unfair).

When Jasmine begins to list the things that they need to replace or update, Gino comes clean: he has quit his job. He’ll get a new one after they marry.

Jasmine feels devastated. He made this decision on his own without telling her. It’s about more than replacing the oven. This could jeopardize their plans to bring her kids over.

Jasmine Pineda rests her chin on her hands while positioned for a massage. "We spent 10,000 dollars," her caption reads.
Jasmine Pineda giggles as she announces that “we” spent $10k. (Image Credit: TLC)

During a couples massage session, Jasmine explains why her butt is so sore. After losing weight, she got herself butt implants.

It’s not just that she spent a lot of money on them. She spent her savings and the money that Gino sent her to buy a wedding dress. Jasmine giggles as she shares it, but Gino is not amused.

In fact, he’s downright angry, and storms away. Jasmine is glad that she didn’t tell him that ex-boyfriend Dane supplied $2,000 towards the implants.

Moldovan hunk Justin holds a welcome mat, with his caption reading "I bought this one yesterday."
“I bought this one yesterday,” Justin shares, holding up a welcome mat. (Image Credit: TLC)

Nikki and Justin

With Nikki still in the United States, Justin was busy preparing for her arrival.

Unlike certain people (Gino), Justin prepared by cleaning up ahead of her arrival. Even though she’ll only be staying for three weeks, like, that’s three weeks. Clean your home.

Justin made some very sweet preparations, including a welcome mat just for her. And he met her at the airport with flowers.

Nikki Sanders kisses Justin at the airport in Moldova.
Nikki Sanders arrives back in Moldova, and she and Justin share a sweet kiss. (Image Credit: TLC)

They had a touching reunion, with Nikki and Justin kissing before he even had a chance to show her his flowers.

Of course, viewers were still contemplating revelations that a friend of Nikki’s had made.

Chanel revealed that Nikki had paid for multiple cosmetic procedures for Justin. And for all of their vacations. Oh, and she gave him some sort of generous allowance.

Justin says "at the day, not at the nighttime" while seated at a restaurant.
Clearly, Justin has some concerns about when he and Nikki should go out and about. The question is why. (Image Credit: TLC)

At first, their reunion was just full of outpourings of affection.

But while the two grabbed a bite to eat, Justin suggested that their outings should be during the day — not at night.

He didn’t suggest that people were clocking Nikki (that is, detecting that she’s trans rather than a cis woman). Instead, he noted that she dresses and styles herself like a “porn actress.”

"You look like porn actress," Justin's captions say as he and Nikki Sanders talk in front of the confessional camera.
Justin really knows how to treat a lady. (Image Credit: TLC)

He has a way with words!

Mostly, Nikki suspected that Justin has some lingering insecurities over being with a transgender woman. Especially since some of his friends have rejected him.

But she also wondered if there’s something shadier afoot. Justin’s going to leave Moldova in the near future, so what does he have to hide?

Sophie Sierra uses the extra light from her phone's flashlight to put on makeup in a shared, outdoor bathroom.
Not only is this shared, outdoor bathroom less than ideal for obvious reasons, but Sophie says that it stinks. Actually, that part’s obvious, too. (Image Credit: TLC)

Rob and Sophie

At Rob Warne’s home in Inglewood, Sophie Sierra was struggling to do her makeup routine.

It’s not just that the bathroom is outside. Or that they seem to have to share it with an unknown number of other residents.

The place is dimly lit and it stinks. We can also see insects flying around it. Sophie puts on a brave face because she sees this as temporary.

Rob Warne sits with his head resting on one hand on the headboard.
It’s no wonder that Rob has such a good body; he’s doing heavy lifting with that chip on his shoulder all of the time. (Image Credit: TLC)

Rob, on the other hand, seems to actively resent that Sophie doesn’t love his shared outhouse situation.

He says that Sophie’s desire for a bathroom in the apartment is “bougie.” And he adds that the lack of bathroom just makes the place cleaner.

Rob has fully lost the plot. And if he cannot get over his resentment of Sophie’s affluent family, he’s going to kill this relationship.

We see Rob Warne on the beach while Sophie Sierra's voiceover caption reads "I forgave Rob when he online cheated."
After Rob gets snide about housing and Sophie shows insecurities about Rob’s social media, we hear about his online cheating. (Image Credit: TLC)

Sophie looks at some fantasy houses, at which point Rob seems to bitterly suggest that she could ask her rich family for money.

(Sophie hasn’t taken money from them since her teens. She is a model and has also worked as a waitress to pay her own way)

After an incident where Sophie feels insecure about a thirst trap on Rob’s phone, we find out why. Rob “online-cheated” in the past, though she forgave him.

Rob Warne stands under a tree in Inglewood, Los Angeles.
Rob would really, really prefer if Sophie just pretended that the online cheating thing was fine, or didn’t happen, or both. That’s what he’s pretending! (Image Credit: TLC)

To hear Rob tell it, there was nothing to forgive. Yes, he responded to someone who messaged him by sending his own photos.

But he doesn’t think that it should count, because it happened briefly. (Fun fact: Sophie only knows about it because the woman messaged her screenshots)

In fact, it looks like Rob resents that Sophie considers his cheating to be cheating.

Manuel admits that "No, I haven't called her" while riding in the car while Ashley Michelle drives.
Manuel should probably tell his mom and the rest of his family that he is not, in fact, just in another part of Ecuador on a temporary work assignment. Because no part of that is true. (Image Credit: TLC)

Ashley and Manuel

After their first night together, Ashley and Manuel are doing better than they were the day before.

Part of that was drinking and sex. And, let’s be honest, a lot of people are at their worst right after a series of long flights.

Manuel is adjusting to Rico Suave. He gets his first experience in an American grocery store. But no, he hasn’t told his mom where he is. His whole family thinks that he’s on a construction job back in Ecuador.

Ashley Michelle's mother embraces Manuel, Ashley's sister and brother-in-law standing behind her.
Anyone else break out into “Ashley’s Mom Has Got It Goin’ On?” or am I the only one with that instinctual reaction to the name “Stacey.” (Image Credit: TLC)

Tonight’s big event is meeting Ashley’s family. Especially her mother. Stacey and Ashley are very close.

Ashley bought Manuel a new shirt, and her family is extremely welcoming. Almost too welcoming.

It turns out that Ashley’s mother really wants grandbabies. She loves kids, constantly babysitting for friends. Ashley and Manuel are less eager.

Ashley Michelle's mother look on with concern after sundown.
Ashley’s mom’s heart breaks for Manuel’s mom, because she would feel horrified if one of her kids left the country without a word. (Image Credit: TLC)

Stacey is more willing to ask Manuel tough questions.

He admitted that he hadn’t told his mother or any of his family, seemingly including his two teenage kids, that he was moving to the United States.

Ashley’s mom couldn’t understand that. She would feel heartbroken if her own children did this. Manuel needs to come clean to his mom.

Manuel's mother, Blanca, appears via video call on Ashley Michelle's computer.
Sure enough, Blanca feels heartbroken when Manuel confesses that he has moved to New York. Without telling her. (Image Credit: TLC)

So, eventually, Manuel does. He tells Blanca that he’s in New York, and why.

She reacts with shock. He left without any warning. Manuel claims that this was “sudden” (it is not), and admits that this was difficult news to break and he worried that family would change his mind.

His mom asks that he not forget the family that he left behind.

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