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’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Karine’s Instagram Hacked? Breaks Silence On …

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Is Karine Martins actually pregnant? Is she actually engaged? She made both claims to 90 Day fans over the weekend on social media – or did she?

The one highlight to this is that Paul Staehle and Karine are not back together. Even they decided to break that toxic cycle.

Well, mostly. There is still some lingering toxicity. These two don’t need each other to make mistakes, however.

Karine and Paul, Wedding Photo
90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days viewers endured the deeply uncomfortable courtship of Paul Staehle, a troubled older American man with a scary criminal history, and Karine Martins, a younger Brazilian woman. Things only became worse from there. (Image Credit: TLC)

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here.

Karine stunned ’90 Day’ fans with an outrageous claim

Firstly, Karine seemingly made an out of the blue announcement on her Instagram over the weekend, saying that she was pregnant by a new fiancé.

Things escalated from there, with the text on her page reading that this new alleged beau was a “real man”, who would “kill” Paul for messing with her. Yikes!

“This is my real fiancé and yes, I am pregnant with his baby,” Karine Martins’ Instagram account posted on the stories.

A screenshot of a Karine Martins Instagram post claiming to be pregnant by a new fiance.
Over the weekend, Karine Staehle claimed to be pregnant by a new fiance. She vowed that this man would kill her infamous 90 Day Fiance ex if the circumstances required it. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Now, just to be clear, the man himself (whose name is Michael) did not post anything of the sort. He did not make any threats towards Paul.

Then again, if you ask Karine, she didn’t make any threats either!

Fans had less than a day to process all of these claims before she walked back every part of the posts on her social media page. And that’s where the real drama starts.

"No Paul," Karine Martins says in a 90 Day Fiance screenshot. "No care."
On 90 Day Fiance, Karine Martins told her then-husband that she did not care. (Image Credit: TLC)

Did Karine get hacked? And by WHO?!

“I didn’t post that,” Karine claimed in a subsequent post. “I’m not with anyone.”

Okay, if true, that is a relief on multiple levels. She went on:

“Everyone knows who posted that,” Karine then alleged. Fans quickly latched onto the idea that she is blaming her ex — but she did not actually name him.

Over the years, Paul Staehle has done a number of strange, inexplicable things, as documented on the show and often, on social media.

Many 90 Day Fiance fans conclude that Karine was accusing Paul of having hacked her account and posting death threats against himself on her phone.

But who to believe? Some fans are unwilling and unable to rule out the accusation, while others still are also unwilling and unable to take Karine at her word.

A screenshot of Karine Martins' text post on Instagram, retracting previous claims.
Not long after announcing herself as pregnant by a new, potentially homicidal fiance, Karine Martins retracted all of that. The guy is a nice man, and just a friend, and she is not pregnant. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Either Karine didn’t write the post, or she has regrets

“I’m very sorry about the drama last night,” Karine wrote in yet another post on Monday.

“I want you guys to know that I am not pregnant,” Karine then expressed to 90 Day fans, “and I am single.”

Karine clarified: “I am not with that person and he does not want to hurt anyone. He was only a good friend.”

Karine Martins looks on while Paul Staehle drinks tap water.
Karine Martins did not share Paul Staehle’s enthusiasm for the hotel amenities in the Midwestern United States on 90 Day Fiance. (Image Credit: TLC)

It’s not just that Karine isn’t pregnant; 90 Day fans need to know that her ‘fiance’ isn’t violent

According to Karine’s assessment of Michael, this innocent third party, “he’s a great guy who would never do something like that.”

She told followers: “You guys know who has always made the drama in my life.”

Karine then implored: “Please don’t send him messages. He’s [a] very kind person. Please do not cause drama in his life.”

Why do we feel like this may be just the beginning of the drama.

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