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Alice Evans Accused Ex Ioan Gruffudd Of Buying Drugs At ‘Huge Coke Party’ In Deleted Tweet

todayDecember 1, 2021 29

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Wow, this got more aggressive than we realized.

On Monday, Alice Evans got sentimental again, posting throwback pics of her and estranged hubby Ioan Gruffudd on her Instagram feed. But over the long holiday weekend we were seeing a much more combative Alice.

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The Vampire Diaries alum posted some late night tweets that apparently even she thought were too far — because she deleted them soon afterward. But not before they were captured by The Sun. The UK outlet reports she wrote about her 102 Dalmatians co-star (oh, and the father of her daughters):

“One day Ioan came home and told me he’d bought 24g of coke with a friend, and then the pandemic came and he had to leave it behind.”

Whoa. That’s kind of a big declaration right now. Recreational drug use doesn’t have the same kind of negative connotation it used to in many places — but in divorce court? When battling over custody of two young girls? The fact she invoked the pandemic means she wasn’t talking about some ancient history, this was the very recent past. She continued:

“It was a huge coke party, from what he told me. I was kind of peeved to hear this, but just wanted him home. However, cocaine and alcohol relationships can be hard to break.”

That last line is definitely meant to imply he still has a problem, right? Damn. We guess this is what she meant in another tweet from around the same time, one she actually left up, saying she was “DROWNING in receipts” of things he’d told her when he “still thought” he was “going to stay in [their] very happy 20 year marriage.”

You can’t really blame her if she believes Ioan — while acting like a loving husband when he came home — was secretly talking trash behind her back while on the Aussie set of his TV show Harrow. You know, the one where he met an extra 20 years younger than his wife that he’s now Instagram official with.

We guess it would make sense if Alice had a change of heart when she took down the tweets. After all, the couple were together for TWENTY YEARS before he left, married for 13. It’s not like she’s taken down the rest of the photos of him from her IG, it’s clear she isn’t so quick to move on as he apparently is.

But the other possibility is that the wind was knocked out of her sails by the news she shared on Sunday — that she will, as she feared, have to split custody with Ioan, despite the fact he’s spent the entire year traveling the world with his new girl.

As she wrote at the time:

“I think I need to rest. It’s all too much for me.”

And then came the very sweet old couple memories from the recesses of her phone’s photo library.

If you think reaching out and making this experience public isn’t helpful, then you don’t have friends like Selma Blair. The Cruel Intentions star posted a very sweet and poignant comment for Alice, writing:

“A different era. Big love to you. What a shit experience it is to be blindsided. Betrayed. Adrift. Angry. Sad. Overwhelmed in a system that applauds them and shuns us. Your phone will offer up many incredible memories on your road. Past this. And there will be a past this. And you will be marvelous.”

Selma Blair looking marvelous. / (c) Sheri Determan/WENN

Alice responded:

“Wow Selma your words are so evocative. Every single one… Thank you for the most incredible lift you’ve just given me.”

See? Suffer in silence if you wish, but please — no more criticism of Alice for taking the hell she’s being put through and trying to make it a little less disturbing. She’s reaching out. And that’s probably more healing than spiteful spilling of tea. (Though can’t blame a gal for that either!)

[Image via Alice Evans/Instagram.]

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