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Amanda Bynes Explains New Look, Reveals Cosmetic Surgery

todayDecember 12, 2023 4

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Last month, Amanda Bynes teased an upcoming project.

This was very encouraging news to her fans. As we all know, Amanda had a rough go of it earlier this year.

Now, she’s back on track. And she has another update for her followers.

Notice anything different about her face? She underwent a minor cosmetic surgery that has given her a major confidence boost.

Amanda Bynes appears with blonde hair in this still from a video explaining her facial surgery.
In early December 2023, Amanda Bynes took to her Instagram Story to share an update on her look. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Amanda Bynes’ recent Instagram Stories include video in which she shows her face and explains one subtle change that she’s made.

Obviously, she’s sporting blonde locks. Her eyebrows are drawn in (which is not uncommon, particularly with certain medical conditions). And she has been incrementally working to remove the heart tattoo from her cheek.

But Amanda also revealed that she underwent cosmetic surgery on her eyelids.

Amanda Bynes gestures to her cheek with one nail.
During an Instagram Story video, Amanda Bynes explains why she underwent Blepharoplasty. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“Blepharoplasty” might sound like either the name of Alexander the Great’s horse or the name of that ancient Greek twink who rode Pegasus and fought the chimera.

(Bucephalus and Bellerophon, respectively)

But blepharoplasty is a form of plastic surgery. The procedure removes the skinfolds around the corners of one’s eyes.

A screenshot of Amanda Bynes from a very vertical Instagram video.
At the end of November 2023, Amanda Bynes took to Instagram to discuss her exciting new venture. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Amanda explained to her fans and followers that this surgery has resulted in a major boost to her self-confidence.

It is also making her feel better about herself.

Amanda expressed that this is one of the greatest things that she has ever done for herself. Good for her!

Amanda Bynes stands in an elevator and takes a photo of dancing lights and her own reflection.
Amanda Bynes snapped this vibrant mirror selfie in 2023 and shared it to Instagram. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Additionally, Amanda explained why she was sharing this detail.

After all, her cosmetic surgery was a personal decision. It is only our business if she chooses to make it so.

But Amanda observed that a lot of fans commented that she looked different last month when she announced her podcast project. That’s why she decided to go public.

Amanda Bynes appears in a selfie, with half of her hair gray and sporting a soft smile.
Amanda Bynes shared this selfie around the end of her conservatorship. Instagram followers expressed their delight. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

As we mentioned, Amanda had a very challenging year. She suffered a mental health incident, and then called for help because she realized that she needed it.

The same thing happened again, later. Amanda underwent treatment to get her back on track.

Some have mistakenly taken this as an opportunity to say that Amanda should still be in a conservatorship. This is unequivocally false.

Amanda Bynes stands against a wall while wearing yellow plaid.
In recent years, Amanda Bynes has used Instagram to update fans and supporters on her life. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

In fact, conservatorships — where someone else becomes the guardian of an adult — are not for Amanda at all. Just as they are not for Britney.

As legal experts and human rights advocates noted during the Free Britney movement, these legal arrangements are for people who do not know where they are.

A conservatorship is for someone who gets lost in their own kitchen, who cannot live their life, who does not object to the conservatorship because they do not know what one is or cannot remember that they are under one.

A 2021 selfie from Amanda Bynes, featuring drawn-on eyebrows.
In early 2021, Amanda Bynes shared this selfie with her fans and followers. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Also, the fact that Amanda has repeatedly recognized when she needed help and sought it? That’s very encouraging.

Millions of Americans have mental health issues. Some have crisis experiences requiring intervention and hospitalization.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t get to live their lives. We’re rooting for Amanda. Her progress has been inspirational.

Amanda Bynes Explains New Look, Reveals Cosmetic Surgery was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

Written by: 98bpm Radio

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