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Amanda Bynes Unpauses Podcast: I’ve Lined Up Exciting Guests!

todayDecember 19, 2023 2

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As we reported earlier this week, Amanda Bynes put her podcast on “pause” after its premiere episode.

This came as a surprise, as it was already doing well.

At the time, Amanda explained her reasoning for placing this project on hiatus.

Fortunately, she has now changed her tune — and guests are already lining up.

Amanda Bynes stands in an elevator and takes a photo of dancing lights and her own reflection.
Amanda Bynes snapped this vibrant mirror selfie in 2023 and shared it to Instagram. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

As we reported a couple of months ago, Amanda Bynes was working on an exciting new project. She and her friend launched Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast just recently.

Despite her decades of fame, Amanda has been in headlines but not so much in communication with the public for much of the past decade or so.

But now, her conservatorship is no more. She is managing her own mental health — and asking for help when she needs it. Obviously, fans expressed excitement at her new venture.

Amanda Bynes appears in a selfie, with half of her hair gray and sporting a soft smile.
Amanda Bynes shared this selfie around the end of her conservatorship. Instagram followers expressed their delight. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

However, just days ago, she announced that she was putting this podcast on “pause.”

There had been just one episode.

According to Amanda, her reasoning was that she had not been able to secure the kinds of big-name guests that she wanted right off the bat. She cited people like Drake, Jack Harlow, and Post Malone.

A screenshot of Amanda Bynes from a very vertical Instagram video.
At the end of November 2023, Amanda Bynes took to Instagram to discuss her exciting new venture. (Image Credit: Instagram)

According to Amanda, we can all thank her friends for her new change of heart.

She is no longer “pausing” the podcast.

Instead, she now feels excited to record the new episode. And, we hope, many more.

Amanda Bynes gestures to her cheek with one nail.
During an Instagram Story video, Amanda Bynes explains why she underwent Blepharoplasty. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Remember, the podcast will take time to obtain the kind of can’t-ignore following that will draw the guests she wants.

It is already doing very well on Spotify and other platforms.

And Amanda shared that she has already lined up guests for upcoming episodes, with more to come soon!

Amanda Bynes stands against a wall while wearing yellow plaid.
In recent years, Amanda Bynes has used Instagram to update fans and supporters on her life. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

One thing that may have surprised many fans about the podcast is that it’s not about the obvious topics.

Amanda was a child star. She helped make Nickelodeon’s live action comedy scene what it is. Without The Amanda Show, the world might never have seen Drake & Josh, iCarly, or Victorious. She even launched a career as an adult actress.

Additionally, Amanda’s mental health journey included multiple crises, a lengthy conservatorship, and numerous public scandals.

Amanda Bynes appears with blonde hair in this still from a video explaining her facial surgery.
In early December 2023, Amanda Bynes took to her Instagram Story to share an update on her look. (Image Credit: Instagram)

But Amanda has no plans to discuss any of that — not her entertainment industry career and not her mental health experiences — on the podcast. That’s not what this is about.

Truth be told, it’s possible that delving into those topics would be bad for her mental health. There’s a reason that people discuss these things in therapeutic environments, you know?

We don’t know how soon Amanda is going to land the interviews that she wants. But plenty of her fans and followers will be excited by whichever guests she’s already lined up.

Amanda Bynes Unpauses Podcast: I’ve Lined Up Exciting Guests! was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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