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Amid abortion battle, DeSantis vetoes birth-control funding — again

todayJune 6, 2022 1

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In talking to a very religious co-worker, I gleaned this. According to him, men and women don’t make babies, God does. Yeah, we’re going down that path here. Since he is convinced God grants a soul at conception for some reason (and not first breath, or first full moon after 2nd birthday), abortion is somehow undoing God’s work, though you’d think an omnipotent being would have known this ahead of time, but then we get into circular tail-chasing about free will. Anyway, birth control somehow also wreck’s all of God’s plans for unwanted pregnancies, so that too is on the “naughty list”.

All of this “reasoning” is predicated on the belief that an invisible and unprovable mystical being – yours, not the other religion’s mystical beings – controls who has babies, and somehow wants the 14 year old incest victim to go through childbirth, or the woman carrying the fetus with no heartbeat to have her suffering prolonged as much as possible. Those things are apparently part of some “bigger plan” that us lowly humans couldn’t possibly comprehend. Sex is apparently just a formality to provide a cover story for God putting babies in uteruses, and birth control wrecks that whole plans.

Yeah. Once you have a group of people who will believe stuff like that, I’m sure it’s just too easy for politicians to inject their own lines into the mix and use those votes to stay in power.

“Don’t you know? God talked to me last night and said I needed to fight for those aborted babies, and against those fornicators. Just dig deep and donate today, because most of all, God said he wants me to have your money.”

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todayJune 6, 2022 1