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Ashley and Manuel Do Sex Magic, Hint at His 90 Day Fiance Redemption Arc

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On Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiance, Manuel arrived in Rochester. He and Ashley are finally together.

However, viewers quickly saw Ashley and Manuel clash over everything from pets to witchcraft.

The latter conflict didn’t play out quite as some expected, but Manuel didn’t just offend Ashley. He didn’t make a good impression on viewers.

But it sounds like he’s going to be more open-minded than he was in his first 48 hours in the US. Why? Well, these days, Ashley and Manuel are doing sex magic! She did an interview about it.

Ashley Michelle shows 90 Day Fiance cameras what her spiritual practice sometimes looks like. (TLC)

It’s hard to imagine knowing someone for ten years — and proposing right after meeting — without truly knowing your partner.

But it seems that, on some level, Manuel has spent the last decade largely ignoring Ashley’s spiritual practice and beliefs.

Ashley is a witch. And while she’s eager to show her practice as a religious minority, she also just wants to show her partner this side of herself. On Season 10, Episode 2. He struggled to understand. Or simply refused to.

In an odd twist, Manuel attempts to mansplain Ashley about her own spirituality. (Image Credit: TLC)

Ashley Michelle recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her spirituality — and Manuel’s journey and education.

“I’m a witch, I’m a seer, I’m a healer, I work in spirituality,” Ashley explained. “I help people build their online brands in spirituality.”

She continued: “I work with tarot, astrology, the Akashic records. I’m all about helping people get to their best version of self.”

An anxious Ashley Michelle checks her phone for updates. (TLC)

“That’s what I do,” Ashley went on.

“And so we use magic to do this, we use manifestation to do this, we use mantra work to do this,” she listed.

Ashley added: “We use all sorts of things to do this and shadow work specifically, right?”

Ashley Michelle introduces herself to 90 Day Fiance Season 10 viewers. (TLC)

“How can we get to the best version of self,” Ashley began rhetorically.

She continued “when we’re not really identifying the things that we are doing and the habits that we are doing.”

These are habits that tend “to hold us back or create negative feedback loops, you know what I mean?”

Ahead of Manuel’s arrival, Ashley shops for supplies and possibly even gifts. (TLC)

“So that’s what it looks like, and yeah, I think I am the first official witch [in the 90 Day Fiance franchise],” Ashley suggested.

She added: “I think there have been some people that may have dabbled in tarot here or there, but this is my job.”

(Just for the record, I’m pretty sure that she’s not the first witch on the franchise, but she does seem to be the first who works professionally as a witch)

Manuel comes from a country with an extremely homogeneous religious makeup. That is not his fault. Him deciding to argue with Ashley’s explanations of who and what she is … that’s a choice. (Image Credit: TLC)

By his own admission, Manuel didn’t “really pay attention to it” when Ashley told him that she was a witch.

He told ET that, as a result, he ended up feeling very surprised by how much her spiritual path defines her life.

Ashley chimed in, sharing that the two have now “dabbled in sex magic.”

Despite knowing her for 10 years, Manuel seemed to sort of tune out Ashley’s spiritual practice until they were living together. How much of that was her doing? And how much was his? (Image Credit: TLC)

“Oh it looks like a number of different things, honey,” Ashley described.

“Yeah, a little bit of sigil work, little bit of mantra work,” she suggested. “You put it underneath the bed or the pillow, you get after it, girl.”

Ashley then quipped that it “[Works] every single time.”

At the airport, Ashley and Manuel had a sweet and tearful reunion. (Image Credit: TLC)

On a less bedroom-related note, Ashley emphasized the responsibility that she feels.

She’s not just on the show representing her relationship. She’s also showcasing herself as a witch — a spiritual and a religious minority.

“Yeah, I want any 90 Day fans to know that we are here because we love each other, we’re here because we feel like representation is important, we’re a minority couple,” Ashley stressed.

Ashley’s attempts to explain her practice as a witch to Manuel did not go over well. At least, not at first. (Image Credit: TLC)

“I’m a woman of color, he’s a Latin man, we feel like we need more of that on the show, representation for the spiritual community,” Ashley pointed out.

“There are hundreds of thousands of witches out there working in a good, positive way doing the same thing that I’m doing,” she noted. If anything, that’s an underestimate.

“And that needs to be highlighted as well,” Ashley expressed. “And we mean no harm. So everybody enjoy the show, enjoy us, watch our love story, and judging is bad news bears, so that’s it.”

Honestly? I’m adoring Ashley so far. We’re looking forward to seeing Manuel learn and grow!

Ashley and Manuel Do Sex Magic, Hint at His 90 Day Fiance Redemption Arc was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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