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Audrey Roloff Deletes Obnoxious Post About Husband; Will She Ever Learn?!?

todayNovember 27, 2023 8

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Audrey Roloff has gone ahead and done it again.

Get pregnant? With her fourth child this time around?

Yes, and we’re extremely happy for the former reality star and her husband Jeremy as a result of this development.

Audrey Roloff in a Sweatshirt
Audrey Roloff gets up close and personal here with social media followers. (Instagram)

However, we’re making a very different reference at the moment.

Late last week, Audrey posted a photo of herself and her spouse either after a workout or during a workout and wrote the following as a caption:

Feeling thankful cause I married a man who doesn’t watch football, play video games, golf, or care about cars unless they are older than 1970.

The expecting mother of three likely didn’t mean to stir up any real controversy by making such a statement… but perhaps she should have realized the judgmental nature of the message nonetheless.

Audrey Roloff says she's thankful
Audrey Roloff deleted this post after she garnered backlash for it. (TikTok)

And if she didn’t before, Audrey certainly does now!

“There’s nothing wrong with liking things your spouse isn’t into,” wrote one critic of the post. “I guarantee Audrey is into a bunch of stuff that Jeremy couldn’t care less about.”

Added another:

“God forbid that men have their own hobbies and interests separate from their wives. So Jeremy’s only allowed to work and do projects for her.”

Audrey Roloff pregnant pic
Audrey Roloff and her family used this photo to confirm baby #4 is on the way. (Instagram)

Others lambasted Audrey for coming across as “tone deaf” and for being on a “high horse,” with another individual said:

“What’s so bad about a husband who enjoys watching football? Or play video games? Why doesn’t she talk about what he is into? That might be interesting,” individual writing:

Audrey actually read these comments and reacted, taking down the photo and its affiliated message and explaining herself as follows:

When you post something where there is a very strong split… I feel like sometimes it can get a little unhealthy in the comments section… So I ended up deleting the post.

Audrey Roloff with Jeremy Roloff
Audrey Roloff shared this photo in recognization of her own birthday in 2023. (Instagram)

By all accounts (well, mostly by hers, we guess), Audrey and Jeremy have a very happy and healthy marriage.

But Audrey has often stepped into scalding hot water by coming across as some sort of know-it-all when it comes to love and relationships.

Heck, she and Jeremy wrote an entire book on the subject!

Elsewhere, Audrey has frequently gotten dragged for sounding privileged and/or ignorant on Instagram and other platforms.

Roloffs pose together
What a great family photo of Audrey, Jeremy Roloff and company. (Instagram)

In happier news, Audrey and Jeremy confirmed the aforementioned pregnancy news just a few days ago.

“Secrets out… Baby #4 is on the way!!!” the Roloffs shared as a caption online at the time.

“We are so excited to be growing our family again and adding another little grommet to our crew!”

We don’t know when Audrey is due. We don’t know if she’s having a boy or a girl.

But we do know that babies are a blessing and while we may have issues with the Roloffs on occasion, we are so very excited for them to welcome a new bundle of joy next year.

Audrey Roloff Deletes Obnoxious Post About Husband; Will She Ever Learn?!? was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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