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Bernie Sanders responds to Elon Musk’s space plans with call for progressive tax. ‘The level of inequality in America is obscene and a threat to our democracy’. : politics

todayMarch 22, 2021 11 1

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It’s ridiculous that we have these two people fighting uphill battles for things that should’ve been straightforward to do a long time ago.

The US used to have a very progressive tax code, and we didn’t the money investing in it infrastructure and social safety nets that made everyone better off and more secure. We had generations that grew up and started families and retired in the most prosperous country on Earth. And then they got greedy and undermined the foundations of all that prosperity

We shouldn’t have a situation where one senator from Vermont is the stuck being the champion for nearly every progressive policy that’s worth fighting for.

Part of gutting the government of enough tax revenue to invest in the future was cutting NASA’s budget. We used to be able to send people to the moon on the most advanced rocket in the world, and then decade over decade we lost more and more capabilities. Until recently we couldn’t even send out own astronauts to low Earth orbit.

If NASA had a real budget we’d have people on Mars already. It’s ridiculous that some internet millionaire is our best case scenario for pushing forwards the US’s ability to access abd explore space. Musk is only a billionaire because he invested everything he had in two companies that everyone else thought were going bankrupt, and then they both succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

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