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Britney Spears Bares Her Peach on a Beach After Book Becomes Bestseller

todayOctober 27, 2023 1

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The world is still reeling over the horrifying details fro Britney Spears’ book.

Her bestselling memoir, The Woman In Me, is one of the biggest topics in the world. Within days, it sold hundreds of thousands of copies. There are individual libraries with thousands on the waiting list for the audiobook.

Britney is understandably anxious about the public reception. At first, she avoided any posts to social media as her book flew off of the shelves.

Now, she’s back. And she’s celebrating with a fully nude beach photo. But … who’s the photographer?

Britney Spears clutches both hands under her chin on the beach. This cropped image stops just below the shoulder.
Here is a mere crop of Britney Spears’ October 2023 beach photo — the first update to her Instagram after her bestselling memoir hit bookshelves. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Late Thursday afternoon, Britney Spears took to Instagram to post a new photo — her first since her book’s release date.

Her new photo was also a nude photo, as she’s wearing nothing in the pic except at least one earring and a smile.

As you can see, Britney is flaunting her gorgeous beach peach while sporting an all-natural look. In more ways than one.

Britney Spears clutches both hands under her chin on the beach. Her butt is on display, and we can see the shadow of the apparent photographer.
How do you celebrate a bestselling book launch? Britney Spears got away from the stress of the (still extremely positive) public reaction to her memoir, spending some naked time baring her peach on the beach. We can see the shadow of her photographer on the sand. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

For very understandable reasons, Britney has comments under this jaw-dropping Instagram photo turned off.

(Among other things, plenty of people want to know whose shadow we’re seeing. No one seems to know who the photographer is, though it’s possible that it truly doesn’t matter)

Nonetheless, Britney’s “likes” on the photo have soared. Even with focus on her book rather than her pics, Britney amassed an average of 55,000 “likes” per hour. As of Friday morning, she was nearing 1 million.

Britney Spears stands excitedly on stage in front of a cobalt blue screen at the GLAAD Media Awards in 2018.
Honoree Britney Spears accepts the Vanguard Award onstage at the 29th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on April 12, 2018. It’s what she deserves! (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Britney actually addressed her “controversial” photos on Instagram.

“I know that a lot of people don’t understand why I love taking pictures of myself naked or in new dresses,” she writes in The Woman In Me.

“But I think if they’d been photographed by other people thousands of times,” she suggests. “Prodded and posed for other people’s approval, they’d understand that I get a lot of joy from posing the way I feel sexy and taking my own picture, doing whatever I want with it.”

On Instagram, Britney Spears shared three variants of this photo, each with slightly different filters for the lighting. We like this one the most. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

For years, Britney watched as her family at food on her properties while her father restricted her to a dehumanizing diet.

And she watched countless people try new looks, post what they wanted to social media, and generally enjoy their human rights.

Meanwhile, the conservatorship stripped Britney of all agency. From medical care and forced sterilization to simple things, like vacations and hairstyles.

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears at the NBA All-Star Game at the First Union Center in Philadelphia in 2002. (Getty)

So it only makes sense that Britney would revel in being able to go on vacation and share whatever pics she wants. At least, any pics that the infamous prudes at Instagram allow.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the “who is enjoying Instagram right now” spectrum, there’s Justin Timberlake.

The guy has deactivated all commenting on his Instagram. Considering Britney’s revelations about him, he does not want to hear any harsh truths from irate readers.

Britney Spears Bares Her Peach on a Beach After Book Becomes Bestseller was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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