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Britney Spears Visited by Cops in Wake of Disturbing Dance Video

todaySeptember 28, 2023 1

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We hate to say it, but…

… should the legal system NOT have freed Britney?

Earlier this week, Britney Spears caused quite an uproar across the Internet when filmed herself dancing around the living room of her house — seemingly with a large butcher knife in each hand.

Just consider the screen capture below from said video:

Whoa there, Britney Spears! The singer appears to be dancing here with sharp knives. (Instagram)

Shortly after the footage went viral, and fans reacted with extreme concern, Britney updated the post to include a caption that reads as follows:

“I started playing in the kitchen with knives today. Don’t worry they are NOT real knives. Halloween is soon.”

So, sure. The knives could have been fake.

But now consider this second set of screen captures, which were taken from a subsequent dance video shared by Spears a day after the initial, questionable upload:

Britney Spears shared a video in September 2023 that appeared to show injuries on her body. (Instagram)

That looks like a bandage on her forearm, doesn’t it?

And a wound of some kind on her upper right leg?

Followers immediately connected these apparent injuries to the apparent knife routine, wondering online about Britney’s safety and mental health at the moment.

In response to this video, the police actually paid Britney a visit on Wednesday, TMZ now reports.

Britney Spears appeared to dance around her house with sharp knives in a video she posted in September 2023. (Instagram)

According to this celebrity gossip website, the welfare check was conducted because a member of the LAPD Smart Team (a group in charge of mental evaluations) who knows Spears in some capacity was aware of the footage and expressed extreme worry.

Officers therefore arrived at Britney’s home yesterday afternoon.

The singer did not want to speak at length, but told the cops she was doing just fine.

One of the superstar’s lawyers later called the authorities and was assured that this visit was NOT made in response to social media comments — but, as mentioned above, in response to someone familiar with the artist asking for her to be checked on.

This is a screen capture from a dancing video Britney Spears posted online in September 2023. (Instagram)

So there we have it. For now.

Britney has not issued any sort of statement in the wake of the wellness check, and we doubt she will.

Our best guess is that she’ll simply share a new video of herself dancing at some point in the near future.

Does that mean she’s actually doing okay? Are these videos a call for help in some fashion?

We have no way of knowing.

Britney Spears Visited by Cops in Wake of Disturbing Dance Video was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

Written by: 98bpm Radio

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