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Leaked The Division Heartland gameplay warns closed test players not to leak the game • 98bpm

Over 20 minutes of The Division Heartland gameplay has leaked online, as well as a video from Ubisoft that warns closed test players not to leak the game.Heartland is a standalone free-to-play game due out for PC, PlayStation and Xbox at some point this or next year. It's in development at Ghost Recon studio Red Storm Entertainment. Eurogamer news cast: Microsoft's plan to kill console scalping It appears the gameplay, […]

todayDecember 3, 2021 1


Conquer Pokémon’s Sinnoh region with this Civilization 6 map mod

While we all wait to find out what Firaxis has decided to do next with Civilization VI, players are finding their own fun through the wonderful world of Civ 6 mods. Some mods have brought new life to the 4X game’s stale oceans, while others let you summon XCOM’s aliens to help you conquer the map. This map mod lets you conquer Pokémon’s Sinnoh region. This mod was created by […]

todayDecember 2, 2021 3


Solar Ash Review – Super Celestial Speed Skating

2021 has been filled with tons of incredible indie games, like Loop Hero, Cyber Shadow, Inscryption, and so many more. And there is one more banger to fill out the calendar from the team at Heart Machine (Hyper Light Drifter). Solar Ash is a colorful action-adventure experience that sends you speed skating around multiple environments with all kinds of gravity-bending platforming mechanics baked in. It is a game about going […]

todayDecember 2, 2021 1


Danganronpa Decadence Review – Cardboard Cutouts Never Looked So Good

Danganronpa Decadence on Switch There’s nothing quite like Danganronpa. 10 years after the release of the first game, no other visual novel series has captured the essence of the high school battle royale genre quite like Danganronpa has. The premise for all three games is always the same: a bunch of high schoolers get trapped in a school (or on a beautiful tropical island), and are forced to commit murder […]

todayNovember 30, 2021 1


Dragon Ball: The Breakers gets a PC beta, and links with your Xenoverse 2 save

Most Dragon Ball games give you the obvious fantasy of playing as a superpowered Saiyan warrior. But Dragon Ball: The Breakers is taking a much different approach, where a group of normal humans attempt to survive an encounter with one of the universe’s most powerful villains. It’s basically Dead by Daylight as an anime game, and a beta has been announced for PC. Dragon Ball: The Breakers launches on PlayStation […]

todayNovember 29, 2021 1


500,000 cheaters have been banned from Call of Duty: Warzone • 98bpm

Over half a million Call of Duty: Warzone accounts have now been banned for cheating. After banning a further 30,000 unscrupulous players yesterday, Warzone co-developer Raven Software confirmed that that brings the total of banned accounts to a staggering 500,000. Raven didn't elaborate on whether or not this was on a single platform or shared across all of them, nor what the cheaters were actually doing to warrant the ban […]

todayNovember 28, 2021 1


Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Review – A Lackluster Gem

I can understand how a developer may feel conflicted when fans of a franchise ask for a game that is both a faithful remake to fuel nostalgia and be a fresh, modern experience. It’s a tough balance. ILCA, the developer of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, attempted to find this balance, but ultimately ended up playing on the safe side. The games are a faithful remake, for better or […]

todayNovember 27, 2021 1


New report says Activision CEO knew about and suppressed reports of sexual misconduct

As Call of Duty publisher Activision Blizzard faces state and federal lawsuits over widespread employee mistreatment, a harrowing new report alleges that CEO Bobby Kotick was aware of reports of harassment and abuse for years before regulatory agencies began their investigations. Worse still, the report includes allegations that he actively suppressed these reports, failed to inform the board of directors about them, and protected leaders accused of serious misconduct. The […]

todayNovember 26, 2021


Minecraft 1.18 pre-release 2 upgrades the Java version

The snapshots for 1.18 are done as we move into a new phase of Minecraft betas for the upcoming update, and the changes are getting more technical as we go. 1.18 pre-release 2 upgrades the Java version, and makes a bunch of bug fixes. That’s it! And that means we’re probably very close to the Minecraft 1.18 release date. Minecraft runs on Java version 17 as of this pre-release – […]

todayNovember 23, 2021 1