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Facebook launches program to help small Indian businesses secure loans – 98bmp

Facebook is launching a new program in India to help small and medium-sized businesses secure loans in the South Asian market as the company makes further push to expand its presence among merchants. The social conglomerate said its new program, called Small Business Loans Initiative, addresses some of the biggest pain points small businesses face when securing loans. The company, which last year announced a $4.3 million grant for small […]

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Product-led growth means changing your whole business — not just the ‘product’

One of the hottest trends in the startup ecosystem is product-led growth (PLG). The PLG approach to introducing a solution to the market is focused on the end-user.Initially, many B2B founders viewed PLG as more of a go-to-market motion where providing a freemium offering would enable a company to be product-led. However, this is not enough. End-users aren’t simply the people who use the product and decide whether to recommend […]

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Watch Elon Musk Unveil Tesla’s Advanced Humanoid Robot

Tesla boss Elon Musk has revealed the company is building a highly advanced humanoid robot. Musk dropped the surprise news during a presentation at Tesla’s A.I. Day event on Thursday, August 19. After appearing first in a brief video, the robot then strutted onto the stage and performed an astonishingly complex dance. Except the stage version was in fact a human dressed to look like the robot. “Obviously that was […]

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The Tesla Bot is coming – 98bmp

Remember that weird Will Smith movie about robots? Yeah, neither do we. But Elon Musk does. Tesla is developing a 5’8” Tesla Bot, with a prototype expected sometime next year. The news comes during Tesla’s inaugural AI Day, which was streamed on the company’s website Thursday night. The bot is being proposed as a non-automotive robotic use case for the company’s work on neural networks and its Dojo advanced supercomputer. […]

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Scientists figured out how fear works

A team of scientists in Beijing have discovered novel inferences concerning the learned fear response in humans. Relax, this is a good thing.Learned fear is a condition that scientists don’t know a whole lot about. The human brain is mysterious and the fear response is believed to occur in parts of if that are incredibly difficult to scan with non-invasive measuring devices.Up front: You can’t just slap an EEG helmet […]

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Microsoft Surface Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Laptop

Since releasing the original Surface tablet in 2012, Microsoft has grown its PC business into a multibillion-dollar enterprise. The Surface line now includes the Surface Pro 7 and Surface Go 2 tablets, the Surface Book 3 detachable 2-in-1, the traditional clamshells Surface Laptop 4 and Surface Laptop Go, and the high-end all-in-one desktop Surface Studio 2. That’s quite the lineup, and you’ll find a Surface on a number of our […]

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A well-rounded smartwatch – 98bmp

For smartwatches, it’s Apple against the world. Per recent numbers from CounterPoint, the Apple Watch commanded more than one-third of global shipments in Q1. Samsung/Tizen’s own market share is a distant — but respectable — second place, with 8%. With Google’s Wear OS at fifth place at just under 4%, it’s easy to see both companies — utterly dominant in other categories — are itching for competitive advantages. For Google, […]

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You’re not empathetic enough… but can VR can fix it?

Did you know that Cortney Harding is speaking at TNW2021 this year? She’ll be discussing the use of VR to combat racial bias and radically shift diversity, equity, and inclusion. You can get tickets for the event here.Virtual reality may finally be inching into the mainstream. Sales of VR headsets reportedly skyrocketed during the pandemic and the systems feature prominently in the growing hype around the metaverse.Most of this tech is designed for entertainment, but it’s also gaining […]

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Latest Dying Light Update Adds Laser Rifles And Low Gravity

Even with Dying Light 2‘s release date mere months away, Techland is keeping fans of the first game in the franchise well-fed. A new in-game event for Dying Light, titled Low Gravity, is adding new extra-terrestrial enemies to the game, along with some new content that comes free with the game and a small paid expansion pack. The Low Gravity event, which starts today, combines aliens with the game’s undead. A […]

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