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Chantel Everett Basically Confirms that Drake Slid Into Her DMs

todayDecember 5, 2023 2

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90 Day Fiance superfans are real. And we’re not just talking about Ms. Kimberly.

Rihanna has DMed multiple cast members — from the worst to the best. Lady Gaga is a huge fan of the series, too.

Most don’t view the cast as a potential dating pool. For so, so many good reasons.

We’ve all heard that Drake may be an exception. And Chantel Everett has basically confirmed that he was trying to smash.

A screenshot of Chantel Everett holding up one finger while speaking on a video call on her phone.
Even though she appears to be smiling, Chantel Everett is not having a fun phone conversation on this Season 5 screenshot. (Image Credit: TLC)

In a recent episode of The Family Chantel‘s final season, the titular Chantel Everett discussed her divorce era.

And she touched upon the attention that’s come with it.

During the episode, Chantel admitted to the cameras that “a lot of great guys” had been messaging her.

Chantel Everett wears a fuchsia outfit while speaking to the confessional camera.
During a Season 5 confessional moment, Chantel Everett explains how married life held her back. (Image Credit: TLC)

In fact, Chantel also let it slip that one of the individuals in question was none other than a “Canadian rapper.”

Now, Canada is home to tens of millions of people. Obviously, there are multiple rappers.

But there’s only one who very famously slid into her DMs, according to reports from earlier this year. That would be Drake.

Drake in 2016
Drake looks to be all business in this photo of the beloved artist. The pic dates back to 2016. (Photo Credit: Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images)

In the same episode, bitter ex-husband (even though he’s the one who wanted out of the marriage, he seems the angier of the two) mocked the rumors about Drake.

“I heard the rumor that Drake slipped into Chantel’s DM,” he taunted.

Pedro jeered: “Go with Drake, the famous rapper, you know? Go with him.”

Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett discuss the tatters of their marriage and what led to their separation. (Image Credit: TLC)

Previously, Chantel had teased the idea — without naming names, or countries of origin — in interviews ahead of this season.

“I’ve had people sliding into my DMs, I’ve been talking to a couple of athletes, some actors, some rappers as well,” she said coyly at the time.

Chantel added: “Also, a lot of health care, doctors, like all kinds of people … So I’m enjoying this attention from men.”

Chantel Everett and her mother, Karen, and her sister, Winter, visit a pole dance studio.
Chantel Everett and her mother, Karen, and her sister, Winter, visit a pole dance studio. (Image Credit: TLC)

Rumors surrounding Chantel and Drake actually began back in the summer of 2022.

At the time, their marriage’s ending was obviously a much newer matter.

Yet reports claimed that Drake, one of the most famous rappers on the planet, had been sliding into Chantel’s DMs almost from the moment that he heard about the breakup.

Chantel Everett speaks firmly to the Season 5 confessional camera.
Chantel Everett speaks firmly to the Season 5 confessional camera. (Image Credit: TLC)

Just to be clear, it’s not like Chantel opened her DMs one day to see a very famous dong pic.

She reportedly saw that he had reached out to her just to see how she was doing.

By all accounts, they never actually med up … but, allegedly, they did make tentative plans to. Things just never materialized for them.

Chantel Everett sits in the car.
In the car, Chantel Everett contemplates new opportunities now that she is no longer married. (Image Credit: TLC)

Truth be told, it sounds like Drake may have done her a huge favor.

Pedro has seemingly been foaming at the mouth with unhappiness since these reports came out.

His repeated digs at Drake, who has never said a word to him, frankly seem pathetic. (And I say that as someone who is not a fan of Drake)

Chantel Everett speaks to the camera. The shape of her hair is peculiar.
Some viewers of The Family Chantel wish that the titular Chantel Everett had made different styling choices for some of her confessional scenes in Season 5. (Image Credit: TLC)

That said … some wonder if these rumors about Drake are manufactured.

It’s true that multiple outlets reported on them. And it does seem unlikely that Chantel would say “Canadian rapper” without there being some truth to it.

But it seems awfully convenient for any recent divorcee to have a famous guy blowing up their phone in a way that makes it look like they’re “winning” the divorce.

Chantel Everett wears a cotton candy pink wig.
Pretty in pink! Chantel Everett looks exactly that. (Image Credit: TLC)

That said … Chantel does seem to be happier than Pedro. Albeit only a little bit.

As miserable and toxic as their marriage was, divorce is a miserable process.

We’re glad that their marital nightmare is over. Even though it was fun to watch, it just wasn’t good for anyone. Except, you know, for TLC.

Chantel Everett Basically Confirms that Drake Slid Into Her DMs was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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