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Christine Brown DESTROYS Robyn: You Are So Sad and Pathetic!

todayDecember 21, 2023 2

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Christine Brown no longer has to keep anything in.

She left Kody Brown years ago, she’s now a married and happy woman and she doesn’t have any kind of obligation to the plural marriage that made her unhappy for years.

So… when Robyn Brown complains that she’s mourning the end of her family?

When she says she doesn’t know how to just sit back, relax and be happy in a monogamous relationship with Kody?

Robyn Brown and Christine Brown are enemies
Robyn Brown and Christine Brown do NOT get along. This may even be an understatement. (TLC)

Well, Christine can say how she really feels in response.

“She wants me to go up to her verbally and say, ‘You can have [Kody Brown]’? Girl, never going to happen,” Christine said on Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast on Monday, December 18.

“She wants us to go say to her off camera, ‘Your majesty, you can have him now’? No. It’s never going to happen.”

On the latest installment of the Sister Wives one-on-one special, Robyn claimed it felt “disrespectful” to Christine, Janelle and Meri (Kody’s trio of exes) to just go about her life as Kody’s favorite and sole spouse.

This was an odd comment, considering those women all chose to leave Kody behind.

Robyn Brown on a couch
Has Robyn Brown gotten a nose job? This is a question many are asking. (TLC)

“I need an off-camera, to my face [conversation] because I don’t know how it feels like it’s disrespectful to his kids,” Robyn explained through tears in regard to her struggle finding happiness these days.

“It feels disrespectful to the commitments that I made.

“My commitment to them, to their kids, to Kody about this family is not broken. And I don’t know how to break it. I don’t know how to be done with it.”

Christine, for her part, is VERY much done with all this drama.

Christine Brown in front of the camera
Christine Brown is featured in this Sister Wives interview. (TLC)

“I’m so grateful to not live in her mind,” Christine continued during this podcast appearance.

“She must be very, very, very sad to watch it all crumble and to feel so powerless to hold it all together. She just does not have what it takes to hold it all together. She doesn’t.

“And I think she just must feel like she’s thinking that she’s losing something that could be so beautiful. I remember grieving that five years ago and I couldn’t hold it together either.”

Christine was the first Sister Wives cast member to end her marriage to Kody.

They announced their split in November 2021.

By the end of 2022, Janelle also walked away from the family patriarch… and then Kody and Meri confirmed their breakup in January 2023.

Christine Brown on Sister Wives special
Christine Brown delves into her marriage in this scene from Sister Wives. (TLC)

As cited previously, Christine married David Woolley in October and has a fresh perspective on life.

“She says she wants to live plural marriage but I didn’t see enough proof of that with my own eyes to believe her,” Christine added of her rival, Robyn.

“I couldn’t monopolize Kody. I didn’t want to. He was a lot of work, by the way, [so] I’m sure part of her is like, ‘Holy, what am I going to do with him full time?’ I’m sure that’s part of it. Or maybe it’s not.

“I love having David around full time. So maybe they have something different in their home. Maybe they have absolute magic.

“I don’t know why she can’t just be happy and be okay.”

Christine Brown DESTROYS Robyn: You Are So Sad and Pathetic! was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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