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Crazy Plane Lady Takes First Flight Since Allegedly Seeing a Ghost

todayNovember 14, 2023 1

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Tiffany Gomas returned this weekend to the scene of her viral quasi crime.

On July 2, Gomas quickly earned the nickname “Crazy Plane Lady” after she jumped from her seat on board an American Airlines flight leaving the Dallas-Fort Worth airport just prior to takeoff.

She started screaming at the time about some sort of… person? Vision?

It remains unclear.

Crazy plane lady
Tiffany Gomas is seen here on a flight out of Dallas, claiming she saw a ghost. (YouTube)

“There’s a reason I’m getting the f-ck off and everyone can either believe it or they cannot believe it,” she shouted in a video that has been seen million of times since on YouTube.

“I don’t give two f-cks, but I am telling you right now, that motherf-cker back there is not real.

“And you can sit on this plane and you can f-cking die with them or not. I’m not going to.”

Gomas’ meltdown apparently started after she “accused a male passenger of stealing her AirPods.”

Crazy Plane Lady doing crazy plane lady things here. (YouTube)

During a recent interview on the Pardon My Take podcast, Gomas admitted that she did not see an alien, apparition or otherworldly creature in the cabin this summer.

“I literally did not see anything … It was an expression of speech,” she said on this broadcast, adding that the strange comment was aimed at a man with whom she had an argument.

For her latest flight, meanwhile, Gomas once again boarded a plane.

This time, she took a camera crew from Inside Edition along with her.


“I was a brat. I do want to address that. I was a brat,” she told the outlet this week. “I feel horrible for everyone that was on that plane.”

In footage recorded by Inside Edition, Gomas was well-behaved during her weekend flight from Dallas to New York.

She remained in her seat, responded to some emails and drank a soda.

“I really tried not to watch [the videos], because it was not good for my mental health at all,” she says now of her viral infamy, adding:

“I had an altercation and it was a really really bad moment, not proud of it at all.”

Back in July, authorities said Gomas “appeared extremely distraught, crying and repeating the flight was not safe and would not make it to Florida” when they made contact with her.

Officers escorted her away from the aircraft, although they allege she made repeated attempts to return to the boarding area.

The plane was then re-screened and eventually took off. Safely.

Crazy Plane Lady Takes First Flight Since Allegedly Seeing a Ghost was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

Written by: 98bpm Radio

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