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David Eason: I’m Totally Innocent of Assault! I Only Ever Do What’s Right!

todayJanuary 15, 2024 2

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David Eason has gone ahead and responded to accusations of child abuse.

In the most David Eason way possible.

As you likely are aware by now, Eason has been accused of felony strangulation after an alleged incident with his wife’s 14-year old son, Jace.

Child Protective Services is investigating this altercation after Jace ran away from home on three separate occasions and then told his grandmother what Eason had supposedly done.

David Eason back in 2019
David Eason and Jenelle Eason attend the Cosmopolitan NYFW fashion show during New York Fashion Week at Tribeca 360 on February 08, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

On multiple occasions over the past few weeks, Evans has stood up for her often-violent husband, boasting that life is pretty darn good with Eason by her side.

Now, meanwhile, Eason has stood up for himself.

Showing the sort of empathy and understanding for which he’s become very well known, Eason wrote this week on Facebook:

“I know you’re probably still wearing your Covid mask and waiting for aliens to fall out the sky but I can promise you one thing, THERE IS NO RING CAMERA FOOTAGE! If there was it would just prove my innocence…”


For the record, this is a reference to rumors that ring camera footage exists that depicts Eason assaulting Jace in some manner.

The former Teen Mom participant wasn’t finished, either.

“You can pray for my downfall all you want but you’re only hurting yourself,” he added in a separate upload.

“I will always stand strong because I’ve always done what’s right, no matter what you heard.

“So not only do your words not hurt me but they give me even more encouragement to be the best man I can be for my family!”


Eason, of course, infamously shot and murdered his family dog.

Evans also once told a 911 operator that Eason broke her collarbone.

An impartial observer might therefore take issue with the claim that this is someone who has always done everything right.

Or anything right, really for that matter.

Jenelle Evans with husband David
Jenelle Evans smiles alongside David Eason for this social media snapshot. (Instagram)

Back in October, an official court filing read as follows:

“[David] unlawfully and willingly did, being the parents of Jace V Evans, who was a child, less than 16 years of age, inflict physical injury on that child.

“The physical injury inflicted caused marks on [Jace’s] right arm, and left and right side of the neck, and was inflicted by other than accidental means.”

On Friday, Jenelle once more defended David after news of the felony charge broke.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason look cute
Jenelle Evans and David Eason snuggle up in this social media photo. (Instagram)

“I’m over here minding my own business, trying to post positive content and people are constantly trying to bring me down,” the 32-year old began.

“Guess you wouldn’t have anxiety if a new BS article gets posted about your family [two to three] times a week.”

She concluded by playing the victim (of some sort of conspiracy?) and writing:

I live in the most corrupt place in the world.

It’s funny how bias people are against us….when the truth comes out I hope you feel stupid. I can not stand where I live. The feds should be looking into all the corruption I’ve dealt with for years with the law enforcement of North Carolina.

Definitely moving when all of this is said and done. Can’t wait. #FreshStart #FamilyFirst

David Eason: I’m Totally Innocent of Assault! I Only Ever Do What’s Right! was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

Written by: 98bpm Radio

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