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Dean McDermott BLINDSIDED Tori Spelling by Going Public with Lily Calo

todayOctober 28, 2023 1

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After a very strange month of a very strange year, Tori Spelling toured houses this week.

Just days ago, she fled her luxurious “new” rental. Possibly because an armed standoff happened just down the street. She’s a mother of five, after all.

Meanwhile, Dean McDermott is living with roommates. He has also seemingly moved on romantically, flaunting PDA with Lily Calo.

Lily and Dean met back when the marriage was still relatively good. So Tori never expected this development.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott attend the Much Love Animal Rescue 3rd Annual Spoken Woof Benefit at Microsoft Lounge on October 17, 2019. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

It has now been more than four months since Dean McDermott unilaterally announced his split from Tori Spelling.

A couple of weeks ago, he and Lily Calo went public. First, they were holding hands. More recently, they exchanged kisses in public.

Lily is a senior account executive at Conscious Community Global.

Dean McDermott smiles while wearing a sleeveless white shirt and a white ball cap. He is standing outdoors at the 33rd Annual Nautica Malibu Triathlon.
Dean McDermott attends the 33rd Annual Nautica Malibu Triathlon Presented By Bank Of America on September 15, 2019. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

“Dean and Lily met late last year when he teamed up with her on a project,” an inside source tells In Touch Weekly.

“They hit it off right away, stayed in touch, and struck up a friendship,” the insider shared.

According to the source: “Things got romantic a couple of months back.”

In the spring of 2023, Dean McDermott discussed many things with followers. Then, just before summer, he went radio silent. (Image Credit: Instagram)

So Dean has a new, 32 year old companion — his alleged girlfriend. They’re as public as they can be without putting a label on it on social media or in an interview.

According to the inside source, Tori felt “a little surprised” but not necessarily shocked that Dean moved on.

The insider added that “Tori’s ready to dip her toe into the dating pool, too.”

Stella McDermott and Liam McDermott stand on either side of Tori Spelling near an in-ground pool. Both teens are taller than their mother.
Stella McDermott, Tori Spelling, and Liam McDermott posed together before the two teens attended Homecoming on the final night of September, 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Tori and Dean were together for nearly two decades.

Together, they have five children. Despite a lot of baggage — including major fights, rough patches, and of course his cheating, they stayed together through all of it.

Obviously, this year was full of major stressors. But were these nasty surprises what finally killed the marriage?

Tori Spelling wears large glasses on a sunny day.
In 2023, Tori Spelling shared this sunny selfie while promoting her friend’s rose quartz jewelry. Gorgeous! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Simply put, before the entire family had to flee their previous home, things were actually good between Tori and Dean.

At least, that’s what the world thought. That’s what their friends thought. And it’s likely what at least one of them, if not both of them, believed.

Yes, they had a major rough patch a couple of years ago. But the past six months or so had seemed better. Except for the mystery ailments, which stemmed from mold. That’s why they had to move.

Stella McDermott, Tori Spelling, Liam McDermott, Dean McDermott and guests attend the 2023 iHeartRadio ALTer EGO at The Kia Forum on January 14, 2023. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Moving is stressful. And moving under those specific circumstances would put a massive strain on absolutely anyone.

But that alone cannot be the sole cause of their split.

Dean has already moved on, and Tori is reportedly looking to do the same. Maybe it was just time.

Dean McDermott BLINDSIDED Tori Spelling by Going Public with Lily Calo was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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