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Did Gino Cheat on Jasmine? Where Did the Lip Gloss Come From?

todayNovember 14, 2023 4

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On the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance, Gino and Jasmine had a screaming fight … over lip gloss.

Truth be told, the lip gloss was just the spark that ignited the wildfire. It set Jasmine ablaze with suspicion.

But … did Gino actually cheat on Jasmine?

Let’s look at the facts.

Jasmine did her best to make a positive impression on Gino’s relatives. Gino, more than anyone, undercut her efforts. (Image Credit: TLC)

What happened?

On Season 10, Episode 6 of 90 Day Fiance, Jasmine Pineda finally met Gino Palazzolo’s family.

She has perceived them as adversaries for a long time. Particularly after at least one confrontational message on social media.

When she finally met them, she did her level best to make a good impression.

Jasmine and Gino ride home together. (Image Credit: TLC)

And some of the footage vindicated her — because some straight-up xenophobic relatives of Gino (not all of them, but some) had resolved to dislike and mistrust her from the start.

Even so, on the ride home, Gino asked Jasmine to give them a chance. And Jasmine promised to try. Meeting them in person had shown her that some, at least, were supportive.

Then, she dropped her phone, reached down to grab it, and uncovered a tube of lip gloss.

Jasmine and Gino have some communication issues. One of them is volume. (Image Credit: TLC)

Most people would think nothing off finding a small, easy-to-lose makeup tool in a car. Yes, even in the car of a man who might not be entirely clear on what lip gloss is.

Having questions isn’t unreasonable, though. Since Gino doesn’t wear lip gloss, it must be someone’s. Maybe they could return it to them.

But Jasmine had already decided that it belonged to some side piece of Gino’s. And, to be fair, he acted shifty and began stammering as he often does when he’s nervous about what he’s going to say.

“I want to go home,” wailed Jasmine in the car. She is a grown woman. (Image Credit: TLC)

Because Jasmine fundamentally cannot be normal about things, she screamed and wailed and wept. She accused him of cheating.

Gino fired plenty of insults back at her. This did not improve the situation. He also denied cheating.

Their segment of Episode 6 ended with Jasmine wandering around sobbing in a cold parking lot. It was sad, and arguably comical. But … did Gino actually cheat?

Jasmine finds him sad and depressing
The obsession with Gino’s history of dating “sugar babies” seemed like a red flag for Jasmine. Why is seeing sex workers any worse in her eyes than simply having dated? (Image Credit: TLC)

What if Gino did cheat?

In the past, Gino has obviously dated other women. He paid for dates with sugar babies, which shouldn’t be a big deal but Jasmine decided that it was.

More significantly, Gino sent Jasmine’s nudes to his ex (which should have been a dealbreaker all by itself) in an effort to brag. Or possibly make her jealous.

We cannot entirely rule out that Gino cheated on Jasmine at some point. But it’s not the most likely situation — and certainly not the only possibility.

Jasmine Pineda SCREAMS at Gino Palazzolo for Making Her "Look Crazy" on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days (Recap)
In the gym, Jasmine yells and screams and cries because of the color of the paint on Gino’s walls. (Image Credit: TLC)

Did Jasmine just invent a scenario that upset her?

People’s mind invent upsetting scenarios all of the time. Especially if they have anxiety disorders.

Most of us don’t make it someone else’s problem. Jasmine is not most people. We’ve seen her throw tantrums over nothing, working herself up into a frenzy.

Her behavior is absolutely unacceptable. And while it wouldn’t be appropriate even if Gino had cheated, we can’t rule out that Jasmine leapt to the wrong conclusion and exploded over it.

Has Gino ever made a normal decision in his life? The jury is out. (Image Credit: TLC)

Did Gino plant the lip gloss for some weird reason?

Some wonder if Gino planted the lip gloss for whatever reason. Maybe he wanted to get a rise out of her, or make sure that they make a splash this season, or even an excuse to break up with her.

This sounds more like creativity and wishful thinking on the part of fans.

Folks … Gino didn’t even think to wash his nasty sheets or even flush the toilet before Jasmine arrived. So no, we don’t think that he’s planting borderline-gaslighting props.

Despite her lack of emotional maturity or control, Jasmine is a smart individual. (Image Credit: TLC)

Could Jasmine herself have planted the lip gloss to “find” and throw a fit?

What about Jasmine? She’s a little more clever and devious than people give her credit for.

The thing is that we’re not sure if she’s that good of an actress. It’s possible, sure.

But if Jasmine cannot fake happiness or calm for a single moment, can she fake hysterics? 90 Day Fiance couples are, believe it or not, more authentic than a lot of viewers assume.

Somehow, Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda returned for 90 Day Fiance Season 10. This is their official TLC promo photo. (Photo Credit: TLC)

Did producers plant the lip gloss to create problems on purpose?

The final suspicion that we’ve seen from viewers is that a producer could have planted it to cause problems.

Folks, that is not how this works. That is never, in the history of this franchise, how this works.

The absolute fakest that 90 Day Fiance production has been was suggesting questions to friends of cast members to ask on camera. And that’s usually a scandal when it happens.

Jasmine holds a tube of lip gloss. Incriminating lip gloss? (Image Credit: TLC)

So where did the lip gloss come from?

We don’t know, but the best guess is that, at some point, Gino had a passenger. Some passengers wear lip gloss. Lip gloss sometimes falls onto the floors of cars. That’s life.

All evidence strongly supports Gino and Jasmine still being together. So in the unlikely event that he cheated, she seems to have forgiven him.

To jump to an outlandish conclusion after spotting an anonymous tube of lip gloss … well, you’d have to be unstable and paranoid.

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