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Erika Jayne Jabs Denise Richards Over Mother-Daughter OnlyFans

todayDecember 21, 2023 2

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RHOBH fans aren’t the only ones aware that both Denise Richards and daughter Sami Sheen are on OnlyFans.

On this week’s episode, Erika Jayne had heard enough of Denise’s confrontations and insults. So she fired back.

Erika went right for the jugular.

The OnlyFans situation of it all pokes huge holes in Denise’s pretense about her kids’ ignorance. But did Erika go too far?

A screenshot of a very unhappy looking Denise Richards wearing tall hair.
On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13, Episode 9, Denise Richards came prepared to throw down. This time, in complete sentences. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Way back on Season 10, even before Brandi Glanville’s bombshell, Denise Richards shocked Erika Jayne.

She turned out to be less “little miss Wild Things” and more Tame Things, so to speak.

Specifically, she became bent out of shape as the Housewives discussed a few adult topics — including threesomes — when Denise’s teenage kids were in the next room over.

Erika Jayne wears poofy, vibrant sleeves.
On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10, Erika Jayne wore the perfect vestments to testify before the Galactic Senate. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Erika did not enjoy Denise scolding her. Who would?

She felt surprised that Denise would film near her kids if they had to keep everything rated PG. And, realistically, didn’t think that anything that they were discussing was all that salacious.

It turns out that Denise has continued to harbor a grudge — seemingly over that — for years. If Denise could get out a coherent point right now, maybe she’d explain why.

Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, and Erika Jayne on Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
Kyle Richards and Kim Richards are primarily spectators as Erika Jayne goes into battle, but Kyle does offer her own statements. (Image Credit: Bravo)

On Season 13, Episode 9, Erika at first tried to gently reason with Denise. According to Denise, Erika had implied that her 14-year-old had engaged in a threesome.

(Some people will never have sex with more than one partner, or any sex at all. Plenty of people have threesomes at some point. And a few will have had a threesome by 14. But an adult accusing a 14-year-old of that would be out-of-line in so many ways)

That’s not what Erika said, though. She reasoned that any 14-year-old with a phone (or, you know, friends) would learn this kind of basic terminology.

Denise Richards looks unhappy, and her face's makeup does not match her hands.
It’s a little wild that Denise Richards is so quick to insist that her own teenagers don’t know very basic information. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Denise angrily replied that her children have no idea what a threesome is. Weird claim. Probably embarrassing for the kids if any of their classmates keep track of this show.

And this is when Erika brought up Sami’s OnlyFans. Sami, who is 19, became an OnlyFans creator last year, after turning 18.

“OK, your oldest daughter’s on OnlyFans. She doesn’t know [what a threesome is?]” Erika asked. That’s not an unfair question, is it?

Sami Sheen poses in the aisle of a store, wearing a white crop top and low-ride jeans.
Displaying her crop top and recent breast enhancement surgery to full effect, Sami Sheen reminds us all that low-ride jeans are finally back. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“I just want to know, who’s more profitable? You or Sami,” Erika asked Denise, deliberately stirring the pot.

“That is a f–king low blow to bring up my daughter’s OnlyFans,” Denise fired back.

And she may very well be right! But Erika doesn’t deny that.

Erika Jayne speaks very forcefully while wearing a pink top.
RHOBH viewers are not surprised that Erika Jayne is not about to back down. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Erika reminded Denise of exactly who she is and what is is capable of.

“You came in slurring inarticulate, could not string two words together and wanted to call me a bitch,” she began.

“You want me to sit here and pretend like it didn’t happen?” Erika asked.

A screenshot of Erika Jayne wearing a neon pink top while speaking forcefully on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13, Episode 9. The caption reads: "What do you think, I'm not gonna go to OnlyFans?"
This moment from Season 13 of RHOBH, when Erika Jayne explains why she brought up OnlyFans, deserved GIF treatment. (Image Credit: Bravo)

“What do you think, I’m not going to go to OnlyFans?” Erika then noted. (Yes, we made a GIF, and yes, I plan to use it out of context)

“I’m not going to go as f–king low as I can? Have you met me?” Erika taunted. “So here we are.”

And that confrontation is how Episode 9 ended. Messy!

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