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First Official Bon Scott Website Launched for 75th Birthday Honor

todayJuly 9, 2021 3

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In honor of what would have been his 75th birthday, the first-ever official Bon Scott website has been launched to commemorate the legacy of the late AC/DC singer.

The initiative was started by Scott’s family and the Scott Estate collectively said, “On the occasion of what would have been his 75th birthday, the Bon Scott Estate (Ron’s two brothers and his nephew) are proud to launch the new website and take this important step toward elevating Bon’s legend and tending to his legacy. Bon was a unique singer, songwriter and character that the world should never forget.”

The website will serve as a premiere destination for fans of the singer, who tragically died on Feb. 19, 1980, having contributed to a remarkable string of hit records with Australian rock powerhouse AC/DC.

Fans can pour through old photos of Scott onstage, in the studio and casually out and about, as well as view handwritten lyric sheets, such as the ones for “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” all of which can be seen below as well.

Reproductions of artist testimonies (Angus Young, members of Judas Priest, Steve Perry, and Scott’s Fraternity bandmates) about the greatness of Bon Scott can be seen further down the page, too.

Head here to visit the official Bon Scott website.

Handwritten AC/DC Lyric Sheets

Testimonials About Bon Scott’s Greatness

“Fond memories of our ‘lightning flash in the middle’ Bon, who would be 75 today.”
—Angus Young, AC/DC

“Bon’s attitude demeanour and frontman swagger gave him the ‘everyman’ persona that the world loved him for. His voice, look and onstage character drew us all in. There’s an unmatched uniqueness that solidifies Bon’s legendary status in rock ‘n’ roll…
I would watch him work from the side of the stage and out front and the magnetism he projected was non-stop. You felt the pure love energy and honesty he belted out with his band. He and I had down-to-earth wholesome encounters in the dressing room and on the bus that I cherish in that he talked from the heart, uncluttered and with no ego. As a singer he can’t be matched by virtue of style and sound… we love and miss you Bon!”
— Rob Halford, Judas Priest

Philip Morris / Chipster PR


“Bon was a unique singer, and I think somewhat underestimated for he had a great and everlasting influence on many young and also famous metal and rock vocalists all over the world. He certainly knew how to party, but he was the real deal and will always be remembered for his down to earth attitude, his approachable and friendly character and most of all his live performances. Wherever you are Bon, happy birthday, man. Have a drink on me!!”
—Glenn Tipton, Judas Priest

Philip Morris / Chipster PR

“I was fortunate enough to have known Bon for a short time, in fact, it was for the length of AC/DC’s 1979 European tour, on which we special guested. During that tour, I found him to be full of fun and mischief, small in stature but immense in character, with a voice that was unique, and unmatched to this day. Bon’s brilliant career was tragically cut short — there’s a saying that says, the light that shines bright, burns out quickest, and Bon shone brightest of all!”
—Ian Hill, Judas Priest

Philip Morris / Chipster PR

“I remember the first time I saw AC/DC. Journey was continuing our quest to become headliners and Van Halen, who were our opener, were with us for about a month and had just left the tour to pursue their headlining dreams.

The next thing I know, I’m in Corpus Christi, Texas, showing up for our set and a new opening act from Australia was just added to our tour. I had heard about AC/DC, but never seen them live.

When I walked in I heard this massive, pumping drum, bass and rhythm guitar groove with an amazing lead guitar and a voice soaring above it all like no other. I walked over to stage left to see what the heck was happening and there he was, Bon Scott with a bottle of Jack [Daniels], no shirt, Levis and cowboy boots, singing like a cross between Steve Marriott and a cat.

His voice was so fucking powerful that he changed me for ever. He lived what he was.”
—Steve Perry, ex-Journey

Philip Morris / Chipster PR

“Most people are familiar with the quote from A Streetcar Named Desire: ‘I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.’

In a quite radical way, Bon was a kind stranger to me on several occasions but the occasion that stands out is the time he invited me to get on the back of his trail bike for a ride along a beach near Adelaide.

I was my usual depressed, introverted, screwed-up self, but Bon had a radical course of action that ‘snapped’ me out of it. We rode at great speed through a wide tidal stream that was flowing across the beach. Water blasted me like a firehose, and I was totally soaked.

We then rode headlong into the side of a high sand dune and we were both thrown off the bike as it stopped suddenly in the sand. I was thrown down the hill and Bon was thrown further up the hill. He was grinning down at me, and I burst into laughter. Bon said, ‘I knew you would either laugh or hit me.’

Such was the Bon Scott cure for depression and paranoia and all forms of mental illness. I am most grateful to have known Bon. Happy 75th birthday Bon!
—John Bisset, Fraternity

Philip Morris / Chipster PR

“Bon was a gypsy, a vagabond, a bad boy and a rock ‘n’ roll outlaw. He truly was a street poet.”
—Philip Morris, photographer

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