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Gwendlyn Brown Finally Reveals Why She Didn’t Attend Her Mom’s Wedding

todayOctober 18, 2023 3

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Gwendlyn Brown has answered the question on the minds of Sister Wives fans across the universe, namely:

What the Hell?!?

Okay, not exactly.

But TLC viewers and curious celebrity gossip followers have been curious to learn why the 21-year old was NOT in attendance at her mom’s wedding to David Woolley earlier this month.

Gwendlyn Brown poses here at her wedding with her mom and stepfather. (Instagram)

It’s certainly seemed for awhile now as if Gwendlyn is close to Christine, prompting many to wonder why she would possibly skip such an important occasion.

We can’t say Brown’s response is exactly satisfying or enlightening, either.

“I was busy lol. Lots going on with school and my house,” Gwen told followers this week during an Instagram Q&A, later citing an organic chemistry class in particular.

The newlywed — Gwendlyn also got married just a short time ago — emphasized that her mother was aware that she wasn’t planning to attend the ceremony or reception in Utah.

Boo to Kody! That’s basically Gwendlyn’s take on her dad. (Instagram)

“She didn’t mind she took me off the guest list soon as I told her,” Gwendlyn added to her followers in this update.

Christine did get to enjoy the special day alongside all five of her other kids, but this seems hard to believe.

She must have been disappointed that Gwendlyn chose not to make it.

As far as whether Gwendlyn just didn’t wanna be on camera for an event TLC was filming? Or if she was trying to avoid brother Paedon, who she doesn’t like very much?

No and no, she insists now neither was a factor in her decision.

More than two years after first coming out as bi on social media, Gwendlyn Brown shared that she is bisexual on an episode of Sister Wives. Good for her! (TLC)

Meanwhile, as Gwen insists her mother knew all along about her plans, sibling Mykelti Brown was apparently kept in the dark.

“Gwendlyn didn’t tell me why she wasn’t there,” Mykelti said on her Patreon last week, adding at the time:

“When she didn’t show up it was kind of a shock to me. I didn’t know that she wasn’t going to be there…

“I don’t know the reasons why. There could have been an emergency, there could have been nothing, who knows? … But it’s sad.”

Christine Brown looks directly into the camera and gets serious in this Season 18 confessional scene. (TLC)

The whole thing is a little fishy in our opinion.

But the most important thing to focus on in the wake of Christine Brown getting married?

How incredibly happy she is!

And we’re so very happy for her.


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