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How To Order Ben Affleck’s Dunkin Go-To Drink For Yourself

todayFebruary 12, 2024 1

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Everybody runs on Dunkin, no one more so then Ben Affleck. Now, you can order his go-to drink for yourself.

Ben Affleck became the official spokesman for the brand ever since that fateful spring afternoon when he was caught picking up a massive delivery of Dunkin goodies at this house.

Ben Affleck hams it up in Dunkins 2024 Super Bowl ad with his wife and best friend. (Dunkin)

For the second year in a row, Ben and his wife Jennifer Lopez starred in a Super Bowl commercial for the New England coffee hot spot.

The ante has been raised this year, as Dunkin has released not only Ben’s favorite coffee order, but made it even easier to order it!

How To Order Ben Affleck’s Favorite Dunkin Drink

Turns out, Ben is a pretty simple guy. He’s not ordering some wild latte concoction with 2 pumps of this and 3 different kinds of milk.

Nope, straight and simple, the man likes iced coffee. One iced coffee, with some cream, a sweet cold foam topping and a dusting of cinnamon sugar. Couldn’t be easier!

Oh wait, yes it can! Because following the Super Bowl this year, Ben’s favorite drink, as well as a selection of brand new offerings made it onto the menu for you to order directly.

Introducing the “DunKings Menu”!


Dunkin Super Bowl 2024 Ad With J.LO, Ben, Tom Brady, and … MATT DAMON?!

You may have been too befuddled with Usher’s excellent halftime show to have stuck around for the commercial break after.

But leaving meant you missed perhaps one of the best ads of the night, apart from Jennifer Aniston’s hilarious Friends‘ reunion spot.

The Dunkin’ ad starred Ben’s best buddy Matt Damon and former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, as the trio have joined together to form a new band: The DunKings!

The barge into a recording session of J.Lo’s to show off their skills – and their drinks – much to her dismay, though her pal Fat Joe seems to get a kick out of it.

Despite Jack Harlow’s pleas to nix the idea, Ben is convinced the boys will make a good impression and be on the album, but Jennifer kicks them out, utterly embarassed.

Well, not everyone. She lets Tom Brady stay. Can’t blame a girl there!

But the introduction of the Dunkings ushers in the new menu mentioned above, and a much of new delicious offerings are now at your disposal.

Matt Damon enjoying his Dunkin skewer drink (Dunkin)

DunKings Menu Options

As we said, the “DunKings Menu” includes Ben’s favorite iced coffee, a drink that includes cream, a sweet cold foam topping and a dusting of cinnamon sugar.

If that doesn’t feel like enough sugar for it, you can top the drink off with a “DunKings Munchkin skewer,” which includes three assorted donut holes on a skewer that, “like the olive in a martini, offers a playful bite to every sip,” Dunkin’ said in a press release.

Additionally, there’s an iced coffee with hazelnut and whole milk, a new raspberry-flavored iced tea, and even a breakfast bite: a new egg sandwich on an everything-seasoned bagel.

Those last three can only be ordered by using the app, though!

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