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Is Alana Thompson Pregnant? Why Sister Pumpkin Fears She’ll Be A ‘Teen …

todayFebruary 16, 2024 1

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If Alana Thompson’s pregnant, she would follow in the footsteps of all the role model women in her life.

Her mother, her sisters – they all found themselves with the title of “teen mom”.

But is the young woman, who the world watched grow up under the name Honey Boo Boo and quite literally just turned 18, actually pregnant?

The new season of Mama June: Family Crisis addresses just that.

( Image Courtesy of WE TV)

Sister Pumpkin Worries Alana Will Get Pregnant Without College

In the February 16th episode of the hit TLC series, Alana graduates high school.

The family are all extremely proud of her, but her sister Pumpkin is hoping against hope that Alana will choose not only to go to college, but to go to a school out of state.

When Alana opens up a gift with a college T-shirt inside, she gets annoyed.

“Here we go again with the Colorado stuff,” she says in this exclusive sneak peek posted by HollywoodLife. “Everybody’s stressing about where I want to go, and at the end of the day, it’s my decision.”

The family get into a huge fight on-screen. Alana’s mother, June, thinks she would be just fine if she just stayed where she was, but her sister feels much differently.

In fact, Pumpkin’s biggest concern is if Alana doesn’t go to college, history will repeat itself.

Alana with her sister, Lauren, and her niece. ( Image Courtesy of WE TV)

“I really want what’s best for Alana,”Pumpkin says in a confessional.

“Her getting up out of here and exploring a new whole life in a new different state with a new different slate is going to be so much better than staying here and becoming a teen mom lie I did, Mama did, Anna did.”

Nearing tears, she adds, “It’s just a family thing. Like, I don’t know. Just get out of here.”

Now, as the show was filmed some time ago, fans know that she did up going to school, receiving a $21,000 scholarship to study nursing.

And no, she is not pregnant – a fact she has to continually defend against body shaming trolls time and time again.

Alana Has Addressed Pregnancy Rumors Before

Last year, Alana Thompson went all out for prom.

She had a custom dress, a glammed-up look, and a horse-drawn carriage.

However, Alana’s look received some viciously cruel scrutiny — with some accusing the high school student of being pregnant.

Alana hit back against that and other, in some cases more valid, critiques. She has clearly had enough.

Alana in her prom dress, looking absolutely lovely. ( Image Courtesy of WE TV)

In real life, there is a pretty simple social rule: under almost all circumstances, you don’t ask if someone is pregnant unless you are a medical professional. Other than that, you don’t congratulate someone or otherwise assume until the baby’s head crowns.

Suffice it to say that this portion of the social contract goes double for literal actual teenagers. Like, for example, a 17-year-old high school student who was going to prom.

Yes, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson is famous. That doesn’t mean that she likes people body-shaming her. And frankly, this preggo speculation is worse than your run-of-the-mill body-shaming.

Alana saw the cruel things that people wrote, where they asked if they saw a “baby bump” under her prom dress.

Alana on the Pregnancy Rumors: “I Want To Go To College”

So, she took to TikTok Live — not only to quash these rumors, but to excoriate the trolls writing them.

“Like, no I’m not pregnant!” Alana confirmed.

“I haven’t even graduated high school yet, okay?” Alana then reminded these creepy weirdos.

“I want to graduate,” she emphasized.

“I want to go to college before I even think about having kids,” Alana assured. “So no, I’m not pregnant…”

It is very reassuring to hear that Alana will not be following in the footsteps of her mother, or her sister, or her other sister … okay, of a lot of members of her family.

(We can also acknowledge that, in some of those cases, becoming teen moms was not entirely their choice. This family lived in unthinkable, unimaginable poverty for many years)

But it’s not like someone simply issued a claim that Alana was pregnant and some unusually rancid tabloid circulated it as news. Instead, commenters made this up on the spot. All because they saw Alana in her gorgeous prom dress.

Think that we (and Alana) are fabricating the hate? Think again.

Body Shaming Comments From ‘Fans’

“Yeah not a flattering dress…I thought she was pregnant for a min! Plenty of other dresses that would be more flattering, just have to dress for your shape,” one vile comment reads.

“I thought it was a gender reveal,” another despicable Instagram reply snarked. Awful, nasty stuff — and they all posted it where Alana could see it.

As Alana shared her gripes and quashed these body-shaming allegations on TikTok.

Alana seems to be doing that celebrity thing where she cannot distinguish hateful trolls from people making solid points, so she claps back and then tunes them out.

It’s actually pretty understandable. Not just given her background (though also that), but because she is still just a teen.

Is Alana Thompson Pregnant? Why Sister Pumpkin Fears She’ll Be A ‘Teen … was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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