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Is Amy Roloff Dead? No, But Hoax Prompted Wild & Hilarious Reaction By Son Jacob

todayFebruary 22, 2024 1

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Jacob Roloff would like everyone to know two things about his mother.

First, Amy Roloff is alive.

Second, Amy Roloff is a very good baker.

The second is likely known already to most Little People, Big World fans… while Jacob felt the need to pass along the first fact after reading a certain rumor spreading across the Internet.

Amy Roloff Explains Lack of Experience
Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff reasoned that she never had that much experience with kinks due to her limited dating pool. (TLC)

“Wtf lol there’s a death hoax about my mom going around on TikTok,” Jacob tweeted in July 2023, adding as an important clarification:

“Godspeed to the new generation [salute emoji] she just gave me some blueberry muffins very tasty.”

Indeed, you need to look pretty closely around social media for it, but there is speculation out there that Amy suffered a stroke.

Hence the relief many folks expressed to Jacob in the wake of his assurance.

“I did hear about this!” one individual wrote, for example.

Amy Roloff on Season 20
The face we’re sure Amy made after hearing about this damn hoax! (TLC)

“My mom sent me an article from some random gossip website I never heard of. It said she had a stroke which was not true at all. She’s 100% fine and was at the LP conference with Tori and Zach at the time.”

Amy hung out with all four of her kids in May and continues to sit down for Instagram Live sessions.

She conducted an especially revealing one two months ago, delving into past fears of infertility back when she was married to Matt Roloff.

The mother of four eventually underwent fertility treatment that made it more likely she might have multiple children at once — which understandably freaked her out.

“Being a little person, I knew I would be able to carry one baby but could I carry two? Could I carry three?” she asked aloud during this Instagram session.

Amy Roloff looks anything but pleased in this photo of her from the latest season of Little People, Big World. (TLC)

After Roloff delivered her twin boys via C-section, she told followers that she felt alone, explaining that she and Matt had just moved to Oregon and she was “by herself.”

This is where Amy hurled a bit of shade in her ex-husband’s direction.

The TLC personality confessed that “Matt had to go to work” and handing two newborns was “a lot to take on.”

At this point, however, Amy and Matt are on very amicable terms.

They split in 2016, but continue to share the screen on episodes of Little People, Big World.

From what we hear, too, Season 25 has been filming and will likely air in early 2024.

We can’t wait!

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