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It Appears Mitch McConnell Has Done All the Dirty Work Of Which He’s Capable : politics

todayMarch 8, 2021

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Politicians need term limits. ASAP.

Agreed. But you have to solve for the institutional knowledge being in the hands of those outside of Congress because they don’t have term limits. That’s a hard nut to crack but I believe worth trying something because almost anything’s better than this shit we got now.

Ban lobbying.

Now this I think is actually impossible. I mean, if I want to meet with my senator and discuss why I think they should support X that’s technically lobbying even if I’m paying my own money to get to DC. If a Congress-critter has a “town hall” with their constituents, the constituents are lobbying them. You can ban PAID lobbying but then that also means groups like the ACLU & others can’t do it either. Maybe a fine price to pay, but I think the better answer is to ensure transparency. ALL elected officials’ calendars and that of their staff must be published and include the person they met/spoke with, the length of the discussion, the topic (doesn’t have to be a verbatim transcript but a summary at least) of the discussion, who the person works for, who paid for their trip to meet with said elected official, and any follow-up action that is planned to occur as a result of said meeting. Further, all methods of anonymously donating money to a campaign or PAC should go the way of the dodo bird. If you want to contribute money to any political campaign, PAC, or government official or whatever, you must do so publicly. Oh, and we should flat out ban corporations from donating money. If the CEO or the Board of Directors wants to donate money, they can donate their own money. But in order for that to pass, they’d have to strip Corporations of personhood, which I’m also all for but which won’t happen.

Remove white supremacists.

Agreed. At least the overt ones. Might be harder to root out the sneaky ones who don’t say the quiet part out loud.

Create age limits for holding office. (Dinosaurs shouldn’t be making policy for a younger majority)

I think this would be difficult but if there’s an age minimum, we’ve already established that age matters so why not an age maximum?

Abortion shouldn’t be a political point anymore. Period.

It shouldn’t but it will be for the foreseeable future.

Why is this so hard.

Simple: Money & Power. Those with it don’t want to give any of it up.

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