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Jake Paul Denies Using Cocaine in Public: I Can Explain What You Saw!!

todayOctober 24, 2023 1

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Jake Paul is a notorious, polarizing figure.

It’s hard to say whether he or Logan is the worse behaved Paul brother. They are both very familiar with controversy.

Recent footage had social media crying out that Jake must be using cocaine.

Now, Jake has a lengthy, high-energy video in which he’s insisting that it’s not true. He can explain what viewers think that they saw.

A bearded Jake Paul sits in a large car and looks into the camera.
In 2023, Jake Paul sits in a car while speaking into the camera for his YouTube viewers. (Image Credit: YouTube)

Okay, so Logan Paul has been big into boxing in recent years. We guess that being internet-famous and having money wasn’t doing enough harm to his brain, so he decided on something more direct.

Last weekend, his brother Jake appeared on camera while rubbing his nose. This was in the background after Logan’s fight with Dillon Danis.

The Paul brothers have a certain … reputation … for wild behavior. Some wondered if Jake had just been snorting cocaine in plain sight, perhaps to celebrate Logan’s victory.

A collage of screenshots of Tweets that accuse Jake Paul of using cocaine.
On his YouTube channel, Jake Paul showed off a series of social media posts that accused him of cocaine use in October 2023. (Image Credit: YouTube)

Social media took off with the idea — spinning what could have been an offhand joke into direct accusations.

So, in a lengthy and high-energy video, Jake addressed the allegations.

As you can see in the video and screenshots below, he begins that segment of the video in a room that he has strewn with Coca-Cola products (get it, “coke” everywhere?).

It doesn’t stop there.

Jake begins to act over-the-top, ripping off his shirt as if he were out of his mind.

(We’d never refer to cocaine as a mild or safe drug, but if someone snorts a bump of coke and then rips off their shirt, either something else is going on or that wasn’t cocaine. They might want to seek medical help)

Jake Paul stands in a room with Coca-Cola products littering the floor, a wild expression on his face. The wallpaper behind him is hideous.
Unsurprisingly, Jake Paul acts over the top as part of a “bit” in a YouTube video. (Image Credit: YouTube)

“Y’all want some Coke?” Jake asks in an over-the-top manner.

He doesn’t stop with the soda jokes. (The name overlap is not a coincidence! Coca-Cola once contained cocaine. In my grandmother’s youth, the soda was “only for men” as a result. Sexism and drugs before the invention of rock-and-roll)

Jake grabs an unidentified white powder from on top of the dresser and tosses it into the air.

A shirtless Jake Paul tosses white powder into the air in a room littered with Coca-Cola products.
Shirtlessly, Jake Paul throws white powder into the air on YouTube while debunking accusations that he uses cocaine. (Image Credit: YouTube)

Despite his brand, Jake does get serious. In his video, he clarifies that he wasn’t doing coke — he’s just extremely sweaty.

He even zooms in, showing off just how much his antics have caused him to sweat. His skin is red and he is sweaty.

(I know that Los Angeles is basically a cult devoted to pretending that 60 degrees Fahrenheit is “cold,” but I’d recommend air conditioning. Also, not doing physical activity while you’re digesting meat and cheese)

Jake Paul shows viewers how his noses and cheeks flush and sweat after minimal activity.
Zooming in on his face, Jake Paul shows his YouTube audience how easily he sweats. (Image Credit: YouTube)

“This is the thing, is I go to brawl in the ring to save my f–king brother,” Jake explained.

“Forty grown men around me, everyone’s huffing and puffing, I’m yelling, ‘You bitch, you’re lucky I didn’t kill you,’” he recalls.

“And,” Jake highlights, “I’m literally drenched in sweat.” So he wiped his face. “I come out, everyone knows I’m the most sweatiest person in the world.

Jake Paul is seated and mimes wiping sweat from his face with one tattooed arm.
Miming the action of wiping sweat from his nose, Jake Paul explains that he’s not the coke fiend that social media users make him out to be. (Image Credit: YouTube)

“I’m literally sweating down my face, so I’m just like this, trying to get the sweat off of my f–king face,” Jake explains.

His girlfriend, Jutta Leerdam, backs him up during the video. She’s a bit more defensive of him than he seems to be.

Meanwhile, Jake says that he’s more into mushrooms and wine.

Jake Paul Denies Using Cocaine in Public: I Can Explain What You Saw!! was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

Written by: 98bpm Radio

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