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Jamie Lynn Spears Dancing With The Stars Debut Condemned by Britney Fans

todaySeptember 28, 2023 1

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Last week, ABC was preparing to postpone Season 32 of Dancing With The Stars amidst this summer’s historic strikes.

Over the weekend, summer ended. And this week, the AMPTP finally decided to negotiate in good faith. The writer’s strike is over (though the SAG-AFTRA strike continues)

So, Season 32 premiered this week, right on schedule. It features a wide-ranging cast of “stars.” One of whom is Jamie Lynn Spears.

Britney Spears’ fans are eager to see her off of the show. Even if Britney is in a forgiving mood, not everyone’s willing to give Jamie Lynn a fresh start. And should they?

Jamie Lynn Spears uses a mock-up rotary phone at the start of her “Don’t Call Me Up” tangon on the Season 32 premiere of Dancing With The Stars. (ABC)

On the Season 32 premiere of Dancing With The Stars, Jamie Lynn Spears and dance partner Alan Bersten made their debut on the dance floor.

The two danced a tango to “Don’t Call me Up” (Zac Samuel Remix) by Mabel. You can view that dance for yourself in the video below.

That is why they used a cartoonishly anachronistic rotary phone motif in multiple parts of the performance. Also? A bunch of lights and even some explosions.

Amidst a colorful display of lasers and pyrotechnics, Jamie Lynn Spears and Alan Bersten tango on the Season 32 premiere of Dancing With The Stars. (ABC)

She did not face elimination in the premiere episode.

Comedian Matt Walsh (to be clear, we’re not talking about the self-described fascist who thinks that no-fault divorce should be illegal, just a man unfortunate enough to share the name) went home. Jamie Lynn remains in the running.

And a lot of people are deeply, deeply unhappy about that. They’re taking to social media to say as much, and more.

Jamie Lynn Spears seemed to enjoy herself on her first episode of Dancing With The Stars. A number of viewers expressed sympathy for Alan Bersten. (ABC)

People on social media are calling her “trash” and accusing her of having “no class.”

They’re campaigning for her to go home soon. Some pity Alan Bersten. Others want him to deliberately drop her during a dance.

Some have even taken to body-shaming, calling out an alleged resemblance to widely reviled politician Ted Cruz. That’s one of the meanest things that you can say about a person.

With her tango complete, Jamie Lynn Spears concludes her first dance on Dancing With The Stars. Alan Bersten dips her as the song ends. (ABC)

Many people loathe Jamie Lynn

A lot of this rhetoric isn’t DWTS exclusive.

Even in normal circumstances, you’ll see a lot of anger and negativity regarding Jamie Lynn.

Just this morning, I saw someone refer to her as “Tedra Cruz.” No one mentioned her by name, but everyone knew what she meant.

There are so many reasons for which people just can’t stand Jamie Lynn Spears.

People can understand her riding Britney’s coattails. What they can’t understand is the role that she and other members of Britney’s family played in her conservatorship … and refused to play in ending it.

Make no mistake, Jamie Lynn wasn’t her conservator. But legal filings show that she had ties to Britney’s finances (in case of a tragedy) and she spoke about Britney’s $1 million condo as if it were her own. It felt gross.

Jamie Lynn Spears "Things I Should Have Said" Book Title
Jamie Lynn Spears unveiled her book cover and new title for “Things I Should Have Said.” The book’s original title was a direct quote from her sister’s lyrics. (Amazon)

Are people being TOO hard on her?

Look, we’re not defending Jamie Lynn Spears here. People have a lot of understandable gripes with her.

But if we’re going to raise a stink about a member of the season’s cast, Adrian Peterson is a monster and he’s on the cast.

We should not allow a (fully justified) petty dislike for someone skew our priorities. Someone who wronged her sister is simply not in the same category of a man who did something unforgivably evil.

Jamie Lynn Spears with Wavy Hair
Jamie Lynn Spears has not been having a good time on social media lately after some not-unfair backlash, but at least her hair looks nice. (Instagram)

For some, disliking Jamie Lynn is a serious grievance. For others, it’s a meme. It can be both, for the record.

But maybe it’s a little misplaced, considering who one of her fellow contestants is and what he’s done.

Besides, Britney Spears made peace with Jamie Lynn. Maybe this is her boundary to set? Even if no one has to like Jamie Lynn.

Jamie Lynn Spears Dancing With The Stars Debut Condemned by Britney Fans was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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