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Janelle Brown: Gosh, Kody and I Had SUCH a Great Sex Life!

todayDecember 5, 2023 2

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TMI ALERT, readers.


This past Sunday night, Janelle Brown sat down with host Sukanya Krishnan on part two of the Sister Wives one-on-one special to talk about her former relationship with Kody Brown.

Avid viewers and fans are well aware of why Janelle left Kody (basically, he’s a selfish jerk and Robyn ruined everything), but one of the reasons she stayed for so long?

Janelle Brown on TLC special
Janelle Brown is featured here on the Sister Wives tell-all special. (TLC)

Well. It’s personal.

“There was definitely physical compatibility,” between herself and Kody, Janelle said on air Sunday, adding:

“I’m not someone who goes around blabbing like that. That’s not me. I don’t talk about that stuff.”

She means sex stuff, of course. Except Janelle did then sort of blab about it when pushed a bit by the host.

Kody Brown here with Janelle Brown
Kody Brown and Janelle Brown share the screen here. They no longer share a marriage. (TLC)

Brown emphasized that “everything was very good in that department,” and, when Sukanya asked if making up after an argument was the “best part of it all,” Janelle replied:

“Oh yeah.”

Unexpectedly, life between the sheets for Janelle and Kody has come up often of late.

During his own interview segment with Krishnan, Kody said he felt like a piece of meat because Janelle only saw him as a “physical specimen and as a resource and not ever really dove into my humanity.”

He said this with a straight face.

Kody Brown in a suit
Kody Brown is looking quite dapper here, huh? (TLC)

Janelle split from Kody about a year ago.

The exes share six children together and aren’t on terrible terms.

“I really felt like our relationship was very, very good,” Janelle told Us Weekly a few days ago.

“My perspective on what happened is so much more different than what he thinks. And I think in some regards, he’s flying from the hip right now. He’s just saying what’s in his mind.

“But it was so much more than [sex]. Obviously. There’s way more to a marriage.”

Janelle Brown during a confessional
Janelle Brown spills some tea here on just how and why Kody dumped her. (TLC)

We witnessed these two get into a huge fight this season on Sister Wives, however, and there appears to be no chance for a reconciliation.

“I am not wanting to pursue her. I’m not wanting to drop everything and say baby, you’re the be all end all,” Kody said on the December 3 episode, telling Suki that while he was “ashamed” of their argument, he also felt “betrayed” by her.

We’ll give the last word here to Janelle, courtesy of this same special:

“I don’t think Kody really does hold out hope for me.

“I think he likes the idea of our family and feels like he promised Robyn a plural family … but I don’t think that he’s holding out hope, pining for me.”

Janelle Brown: Gosh, Kody and I Had SUCH a Great Sex Life! was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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