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Jasmine Pineda Condemns 90 Day Fiance Hate Speech, Calls Out Immigration Agent

todayOctober 25, 2023 9

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Between her on-screen behavior and the lies she and Gino have told each other, Jasmine Pineda gets a lot of hate.

90 Day Fiance has a massive fanbase. A certain percentage of people are going to be toxic enough to write cruel things in her comments.

But viewers come from all walks of life. One of those walks of life, apparently, is immigration officers.

Jasmine called out one such commenter for spreading hate speech, highlighting the dangers of bigots in positions of power.

Jasmine Pineda speaks to the confessional camera on 90 Day Fiance Season 10. (Image Credit: TLC)

Finally, after years of waiting, Jasmine made it to the United States in early 2023. She began her K-1 journey with Gino Palazzolo in Michigan. Clearly, it’s a bit of an adjustment.

It’s no surprise that people (very fairly) dislike her behavior. And it’s sadly not a shock that a vocal minority of them troll her social media with their negativity.

But, according to Jasmine, some of that cruelty has crossed a major line into hate speech. We are, again, sadly not surprised.

Jasmine Pineda is very happy that Gino actually cleaned his sheets … after she asked him to. (Image Credit: TLC)

Unfortunately, “go back” and “send her back” are common xenophobic expressions on 90 Day Fiance. (Yes, “send him back,” but rarely for this notoriously misogynistic audience)

One, however, is an alleged “immigration agent” whom Jasmine identified.

Jasmine is now shining a spotlight on this person for “promoting hate speech.” She calls the behavior a “serious violation” and says that she has reported them for cyberbullying.

A screenshot from Jasmine Pineda's Instagram in which she calls out an Immigration Agent named Sandra.
Jasmine Pineda took to her Instagram in October of 2023 to call out an immigration agent whom she accuses of promoting hate speech. (Image Credit: Instagram)

She didn’t stop there. Jasmine went on to address her fans and followers who are also immigrants.

“Do not accept hate speech,” she counseled them. That is good advice for any marginalized demographic, actually!

Jasmine very correctly hit back against the normalization of discrimination and racism.

A screenshot of Jasmine Pineda's Instagram Story, advising fellow immigrants to not accept hate speech or discrimination.
On Instagram, Jasmine Pineda addressed her fellow immigrants with words of encouragement. Good! (Image Credit: Instagram)

Jasmine continued, reminding people to document the hate speech that they receive and the discrimination that they experience.

“There are laws that protect you,” Jasmine noted. She encouraged people to report this in order to bring about meaningful change.

That is partially true. A lot of people, however, may face disappointment or even reprisals. Remember, even if every person in authority is not personally prejudiced, systemic racism means that the system itself protects white supremacy. That doesn’t mean that some justice can’t get done, as a treat!

Gino and Jasmine are not shy about showing their affection. No matter what form it takes. (Image Credit: TLC)

Jasmine also posted an earnest plea for people to be less cruel — especially with heartless “go back” messages.

“We all miss home,” she reminded people. “Be kind to us.”

Jasmine expressed the desire that these trolls never have to leave their own homes behind, because “no one wants to leave home.”

It is never easy to hear bad news. Jasmine handled Gino’s shocking twist as well as she could. (Image Credit: TLC)

The way that Jasmine and Gino have treated each other across three seasons of 90 Day Fiance, and off screen in between, has been abhorrent.

But people can dislike Jasmine without saying vicious, xenophobic things that hurt all immigrants.

Also? There is never a need to bombard someone with hate. If you hate them, block them. It’s free.

Jasmine Pineda Condemns 90 Day Fiance Hate Speech, Calls Out Immigration Agent was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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