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Jasmine Talks About Marrying 90 Day Fiance Castmate (Not Gino)

todayNovember 28, 2023 9

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90 Day Fiance viewers just watched as Jasmine tossed her ring and ditched Gino after their latest spat.

Viewers have seen them break up and reconcile so many times that it’s difficult to hope that this will be the last. But sometimes, enough is enough.

In fact, Jasmine is now talking about who she would marry “in a heartbeat.”

It’s not Gino. But she’s talking about another 90 Day Fiance cast member.

On Season 10, Jasmine Pineda speaks to the confessional camera. (Image Credit: TLC)

Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo do not have what we would traditionally consider to be a “stable” relationship.

Part of that, but only part of it, is because Jasmine is not what most 90 Day Fiance viewers would traditionally consider to be a “stable” person. She is a toxic partner.

The other aspect may be that Gino’s odd tendencies and unforgivable choices provide their own dose of toxicity. They drive each other mad.

On 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Jasmine Pineda insists that she’s “not gonna marry” Gino if there’s a prenup. (Image Credit: TLC)

Even when they were filming a spinoff in Panama, prior to their K-1 visa journey, they had repeated breakups.

Memorably, Jasmine told Gino that she would not marry him if they had a prenup. She threw a tantrum and, ultimately, he caved.

Jasmine’s screaming, crying fits are inexcusable. Sometimes, they are in response to Gino’s actual wrongdoing. Other times, they are over imagined slights — or less.

Jasmine Pineda’s calm demeanor breaks down and she cries on Season 10, Episode 8. (Image Credit: TLC)

So, on the last Sunday of November, 90 Day Fiance viewers watched as Jasmine confronted Gino about his bachelor party.

The main issue was that he had hidden it from her. Quickly, another issue arose — Gino pretending that this was normal behavior, and ignoring Jasmine’s unhappiness.

Unfortunately, this meant that Jasmine had a crying meltdown. She tossed her ring to the floor and announced her plans to return to Panama.

Season 10, Episode 8 of 90 Day Fiance showed Jasmine Pineda throw her ring to the floor and declare her intention to return to Panama. (Image Credit: TLC)

Now, Jasmine is talking about a new “crush” and even her willingness to marry.

We don’t think that she’s referring to literal plans to marry.

The person in question is not Gino, but a woman — and a fellow 90 Day Fiance Season 10 cast member.

A photo of Nikki Sanders with "my crush" and a heart-eyed cat emoji.
On her Instagram Story, Jasmine Pineda revealed that her girlcrush is Nikki Sanders, her Season 10 castmate on 90 Day Fiance. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“My crush,” Jasmine’s recent Instagram Story wrote over a photo of Nikki Sanders.

Nikki is a newcomer to the franchise, as the show follows her reconnection with Justin in Moldova ahead of his K-1 journey.

“I freaking love the Nikki,” Jasmine gushed in another recent Story post. “I’ll marry you in a heartbeat.”

Jasmine Pineda's Instagram Story features text saying that she loves and would marry Nikki Sanders.
“I freaking love the Nikki,” Jasmine Pineda writes on her Instagram Story. She adds that she’d marry Nikki Sanders “in a heartbeat” given how much they have in common. (Image Credit: Instagram)

While we suppose that Jasmine could be bi or pan (assuming that everyone is straight can lead to very silly confusion), it sounds like she just has a girlcrush. That is, a lot of admiration for Nikki and her style.

Both women have a lot in common. This ranges from their larger-than-life senses of style to their fondness for cosmetic procedures to tendencies to be emotional and demanding.

The two have really hit it off as this season has filmed. They’ve even offered bookings together.

A promotional image featuring Jasmine Pineda and Nikki Sanders, promising club bookings.
An Instagram promotion that teases club appearances by Jasmine Pineda and Nikki Sanders may have spoiled Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance. Though, truth be told, we already knew thanks to another spoiler. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Of course, Jasmine planning to make public appearances with Nikki in the United States seems to be a spoiler. Is there any feasible way for her to do that without having married Gino?

However, that teaser for the two of them isn’t a groundbreaking spoiler.

Because, two months ago, a fan spotted Gino and Jasmine once again fighting in Michigan. This was many months after the season filmed.

A redditor spotted Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda in Michigan at the end of September 2023. It appears that neither of them were having a good time. Nothing, it seems, has changed. Note the presence of cameras. (Image Credit: Reddit)

That means that Gino and Jasmine married during their season. And that, as of late September, Jasmine was still in the US.

It will be neat to see her rapport with Nikki on the Tell All.

Honestly, after all of these ugly spats with Gino, it’ll be nice to see Jasmine actually getting along with someone.

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