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Jenelle Evans Continues to Celebrate on Social Media Amid News of Son’s …

todayNovember 22, 2023 2

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Earlier this week, we shared a heartbreaking update about Jenelle Evans’ troubled teenage son, Jace Evans.

Multiple sources have confirmed that Jace has been hospitalized and will be placed in foster care once he’s released.

The nature of the 14-year-old’s ailments is unknown.

Jace was removed from Jenelle’s care last month and returned to the home of his grandmother, Barbara Evans, who has had custody of the boy for most of his life.

Jenelle Evans has a complicated and not very strong relationship with her son, Jace. (Instagram)

However, after a few weeks with Barbara, Jace ran away from home, and he’s been receiving medical care at an undisclosed location ever since.

Needless to say, it’s a sad, scary time in the life of a young man who has already suffered tremendously.

Most moms in Jenelle’s position would be doing everything in their power to introduce a modicum of stability to their family situation in the hope of eventually turning things around.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason together
Jenelle Evans and David Eason have had a very rocky relationship. They remain committed to each other, though. (Instagram)

Instead, Evans is glorying in what she sees as a victory over her perennial chief rival — her mother.

For several days now, Jenelle has been gloating about Barbara’s failure to prevent Jace from fleeing home, and the former reality star seems to believe that she’s somehow been validated by her son’s latest spate of troubles.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, and it’s been rumored that Jenelle has continued to exacerbate her son’s mental health crisis by refusing to allow him access to drugs that were prescribed by mental health professionals.

David Eason and stepson Jace Evans pose with fish they caught.
David Eason and stepson Jace Evans in happier times. (Instagram)

We don’t enough about that situation to condemn Jenelle’s actions, so we’ll stick to the topic of her bizarre behavior on social media.

In addition to performing an elaborate victory dance for Barbara’s benefit, Jenelle has been promoting her OnlyFans page and working overtime to convince her followers that all is well in her world.

Earlier this week, for example, she posted the photo below, which shows her husband, David Eason, performing some sort of work on the boat that Jenelle bought him as a present earlier this year.

David Eason works on his boat
David Eason works on his boat in an Instagram Story posted by Jenelle Evans. (Instagram)

Because the vessel was previously owned, and Jenelle bought it at a discount rate, it was widely rumored that the boat was no longer seaworthy and had been quietly scrapped.

The photo above seems to be Evans’ way of setting the record straight.

Again, we’re sure she regards such a move as another way of claiming victory over her haters — but most social media users who have weighed in on the post just seem confused.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason look cute
Jenelle Evans and David Eason snuggle up in this social media photo. (Instagram)

Why, with her eldest son hospitalized and headed for foster care, would Jenelle be boasting about her boat?

One theory is that a lifetime in the spotlight has warped Evans’ priorities, and she’s more concerned with her reputation than with the crisis situation her family is facing.

Sadly, Jenelle responds to even mild criticism by adopting an attitude of smug defensiveness, so it’s not possible for anyone to nudge her toward behavior that might be more therapeutic to her family.

Once again, the only thing outsiders can do is look on with great concern and hope that Jenelle’s children have someone looking out for their best interests.

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