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Jennifer Aniston Super Bowl Commercial Makes Unlikely ‘Friends’ Reunion a …

todayFebruary 7, 2024

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The Jennifer Aniston Super Bowl commercial is already making the rounds!

Whether you’re a huge sports fan or have involuntarily learned about football thanks to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship, the Super Bowl is nearly upon us.

Even for people who won’t be watching, that means a host of big-budget commercials — each trying to outdo the rest.

One of them is hosting a nearly impossible Friends reunion.

Jennifer Aniston receives an UberEats delivery during an UberEats commercial.
In her 2024 Super Bowl commercial for UberEats, Jennifer Aniston receives an UberEats delivery. (Image Credit: UberEats)

Jennifer Aniston’s Super Bowl Commercial Is A Delight For ‘Friends’ Fans

Of course she does. But the Jennifer Aniston Super Bowl commercial that UberEats has whipped up, she’s drawing a blank.

Naturally, she receives an UberEats parcel with a line that outlines the vibe of the commercial: “Well, you know what they say: in order to remember something, you’ve gotta forget something else, make a little room.”

What she’s remembering is that the service delivers more than just food. What she’s forgetting … is David Schwimmer.

David Schwimmer appears on a 2024 UberEats commercial.
David Schwimmer appears on an UberEats commercial for the 2024 Super Bowl. (Image Credit: UberEats)

The joke here is that Jennifer Aniston (and a number of other famous actors on the commercial, which you can watch below) has forgotten a major portion of her life.

As David Schwimmer approaches her during the commercial, she doesn’t seem to recognize him. She even pulls back from an attempted hug.

“Have we met?” Aniston then asks him. “Give me a hint.”

Jennifer Aniston on the 2024 Superbowl UberEats commercial.
Jennifer Aniston feigns surprise and confusion on a 2024 UberEats commercial for the Super Bowl. (Image Credit: UberEats)

Did Jennifer Aniston forget 10 years of her life? (No)

Like the rest of her Friends castmates (including the late Matthew Perry), Aniston spent a full decade of her life starring on that sitcom.

Aniston portrayed Rachel Green and David Schwimmer played Ross Gellar. They assumed these iconic roles from 1994 until 2004.

“We worked together for 10 years,” Schwimmer protests during the commercial. Aniston seems unconvinced.

Jennifer Aniston points during an UberEats commercial for the Superbowl in 2024.
“You were great,” a fictionalized version of Jennifer Aniston says in a Superbowl commercial for UberEats. (Image Credit: UberEats)

“10 years? You were great,” Aniston says during the commercial, as if offering a compliment to cover for not remembering.

“You still don’t know, do you?” a dejected-sounding Schwimmer replies.

“I don’t,” Aniston then admits and turns away, adding: “Like I’d forget 10 years of my life.”

David Schwimmer embraces his sassy side on an UberEats commercial for the 2024 Superbowl.
Portraying a fictionalized version of himself, David Schwimmer appears on an UberEats commercial during the 2024 Superbowl. (Image Credit: UberEats)

Not a Super Bowl tearjerker, but you might wince at this commercial

Part of the joke here is that busy actors who might have hundreds of costars in a year’s time do not always remember or recognize everyone. This can lead to many hurt feelings.

“I hate this town,” Schwimmer then grumbles.

The commercial is fairly cute. And, as we said, not solely about this Friends reunion.

The Superbowl is an annual celebration of football. At least in theory.

For many people, it’s a music performance with sports before and after. Others see it as a high-profile commercial showcase, with short commercial slots receiving the budget of a high-CGI TV pilot.

Oh, and there are usually sales on chips and stuff this time of year! If only there were some sort of service that could bring food to our homes. There might be, but I forget the name.

Jennifer Aniston walks away from David Schwimmer in an UberEats commercial.
Jennifer Aniston walks away from David Schwimmer in their 2024 Superbowl commercial for UberEats. Reunion over. (Image Credit: UberEats)

The Jennifer Aniston Superbowl commercial is already making the rounds. Uber Eats posted it to their YouTube channel on Tuesday.

YouTube has made it easier to see these high-profile ads, but also made it unnecessary to sit through the actual sporting event just to see the commercials.

Every year has some tearjerkers, controversies, and maybe even a flop. This Uber Eats one doesn’t fit the bill for any of those.

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