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Jinger Duggar Says She Still Hasn’t Read Jill’s Memoir. What Gives?

todaySeptember 29, 2023 4

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It’s been almost three weeks since Jill Duggar’s debut memoir hit bookstores.

It comes in at a scant 287 pages, and it’s broken up into 11 chapters, meaning it’s the sort of book that an invested reader could knock out in a weekend.

And yet, several members of Jill’s family say they still haven’t gotten around to reading the book.

In a recent YouTube video, Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, revealed that they haven’t read Jill’s book, but they insist that that’s not a decision they made out of malice.

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Both say they intend to read the book eventually — after all, they read Jinger’s memoir! — but they haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Speaking of Jinger, she’s the latest Duggar to reveal that she also has not yet read Jill’s book.

Jinger appeared on The Tamron Hall Show earlier this week, where she claimed that she hasn’t had a chance to get started on Counting the Cost.

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“But I am eager to,” Jinger hastened to add.

“Jill’s a brave girl,” she continued,

“And I think her coming out and telling her story … I know that is the hardest thing to do.”

It’s nice that Jinger paid some vague compliments to her sister, but c’mon — why the hell hasn’t she read the book?

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Imagine going on a national TV show several weeks after a short book about your family was published, knowing that you’re gonna be asked about said book, and still not bothering to skim through the damn thing!

Something tells us this isn’t about Jinger being busy with other stuff.

“I was able to talk about how I love and support my sister and I’m so glad that she has found her voice and is sharing her story now,” Jinger said of her Tamron Hall appearance in a recent YouTube video.

Clearly, Jinger thought she did justice to her sister’s literary debut during the Hall interview, but commenters on her Instagram page were not so impressed.

“Avoiding the question,” one user observed.

“She talks but doesn’t say anything. I believe that is on purpose,” another added.

“Jill deserved so much more support from family members. Even this falls far too short,” a third chimed in.

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“Just goes to show who is your family. When her book come out Jill was also advertising for her. Now it’s zero effort. Typical!” added a fourth commenter.

Others pointed out that Jinger might be limited in what she’s allowed to say.

“She’s saying as much as she can,” one person wrote.

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“She’s likely under the lifetime NDA that was described in Jill’s book, and if that’s the case she’s likely unable to express any significant public support for Jill, or do anything that is seen as going to far against Jim Bob and the family,” this commenter continued.

If Jinger really has yet to read Jill’s book, then she’s probably holding off so that she won’t be forced to comment, and can honestly say that she has no opinion when asked.

We understand her reluctance to step on anyone’s toes, but if she’s so unwilling to take a stand, then she should probably stop putting in talk show appearances!

Jinger Duggar Says She Still Hasn’t Read Jill’s Memoir. What Gives? was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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