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John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett Share Rare Photo of Kids For 1st Time In Nearly A Year

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John David Duggar shares photos of his kids on Instagram rarely these days.

He and his wife, Abbie Burnett, used to enjoy posting photos for their 600,000 Instagram followers.

But apparently that’s no longer the case.

In fact, John and Abbie posted just four times in 2023, and most of that content appeared in the last few weeks of December!

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John David Duggar Shares Rare Photo Of Kids At Christmas

In December 2023, John David and Abbie (they share a joint account) posted the photo above and offered holiday wishes to their many followers.

“Let the Christmas festivities begin!” the couple wrote.

It was the first time since last Christmas that John David and Abbie posted a photo of their two children, Grace and Charlie.

Doesn’t everyone looks cute!

And, honestly, who could blame them for being on the quiet side in 2023?

John-David Duggar and Girlfriend
John-David Duggar poses here with his wife, Ashley, back in the early days of the show! (TLC)

Frankly, there wasn’t a lot of good news in the year’s Duggar Christmas letter!

So, it makes sense that John David and Abbie decided to take a break from social media for mental health reasons.

Duggar Family In Crisis

It seems that, like many of his siblings, John David decided to start keeping a lower profile in the wake of his family’s year of scandals.

For starters, Jill and Jinger Duggar both published memoirs that depicted their parents in an unflattering light.

And the Amazon Prime documentary Shiny Happy People exposed the cult that shaped Jim Bob Duggar’s bizarre belief system.

And, of course, Josh Duggar continued to embarrass his family with tabloid headlines about his exploits behind bars and his vain efforts to appeal his sentence.

Josh Duggar has lost his appeal and will definitely serve his full sentence now. (Getty)

More Rare Photos From The Duggars Insta

But the Christmas photos aren’t the only pics surprising fans.

Did you catch the pics from John David and Abbie’s recent Disney cruise?

Those photos shocked fans, as that’s not the sort of vacation that John David’s ultra-strict parents would approve of.

“There are people in skimpy bathing suits, tons of drinking, and lots of raunchy entertainment. How is this a place for fundamentalists to be?” one Reddit user asked, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“Am I the only one shocked they went on a Disney cruise? I could see them thinking Disney is too ‘woke,’” another wrote.

John David and Abbie film a confessional segment during their time on the TLC reality show Counting On.
John David and Abbie film a confessional segment during their time on the TLC reality show Counting On. (TLC)

“Abby looks like a regular person in the white dress,” a third chimed in.

“Nike on the dress. Tsk tsk…that’s a lot of leg showing! Father is seething. Mother is praying,” a fourth joked.

The “Nike” remark refers to one of the most infamous examples of the Duggars’ strange brand of puritanism:

When the family was out in public, and they encountered an “immodestly” dressed woman, the parents would use the command “Nike!” to indicate that it was time for the children to look at their shoes.

With an upbringing like that, it’s no wonder that John David hasn’t been in any rush to defend his parents amid the year’s scandals.

And we’re sure he’s raising his own kids very differently!

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