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Joy-Anna Duggar Breaks ALL of Jim Bob’s Rules in Steamy, PDA-Filled …

todayFebruary 17, 2024 2

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Joy-Anna Duggar isn’t exactly someone who fans associate with steamy PDA posts.

But on Valentine’s Day, she just couldn’t contain herself. And longtime Duggar fans are taking notice.

Joy’s latest “sinful” act features an intimate portrait of herself and her husband, Austin Forsyth in bed together.

Most are happy to see a relatively normal, healthy expression of attraction to her partner. But, as you can imagine, some of her followers are clutching their pearls in shock.

Joy-Anna Duggar makes an over the top facial expression.
Making quite the facial expression, Joy-Anna Duggar talks into the camera. (Image Credit: YouTube)

Joy-Anna Duggar is wishing Austin Forsyth a VERY happy Valentine’s Day

Where some famous couples spent Valentine’s Day apart, Joy and Austin emphasized togetherness on social media.

Taking to her Instagram, Joy shared a pair of black and white photos. The first featured her and her husband cuddling on their bed, while the second focused upon their three children: Evelyn, Gunner, and Gideon.

“Darlin, I love that I know you like no one does,” Joy-Anna wrote in the caption of the post.

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Obviously, comments poured in. Many — perhaps even most — were positive, with fans wishing Joy-Anna and Austin a happy Valentine’s Day.

Others remarked upon how adorable their three children are. (They’re so cute!)

And still more highlighted how normal this post is. Joy and Austin have done little to distance themselves from the extremes of their respective childhoods, but these photos look like a happy, healthy family.

Joy-Anna Duggar wears pants and dances with husband Austin Forsyth.
Let’s break some rules! Joy-Anna Duggar dances with husband Austin Forsyth, wearing form-fitting pants in the process. (Image Credit: YouTube)

But some followers found Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s PDA to be nothing short of shocking

“I loved your first [photo] best,” wrote one commenter.

“I’m a bit old fashioned and I don’t like seeing all the pda (although I love you guys),” that same commenter clarified.

Everyone has a right to their own preferences and comfort levels. We might humbly suggest that, if members of a fundamentalist cult are too raunchy for you, it might be time for some careful self-examination.

Joy-Anna Duggar recorded a YouTube “Q&A” video for her fans in September of 2023. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

As we reported a few weeks ago, Joy-Anna and Austin also violated another Duggar rule. This time, they were dancing.

Bans on dancing among religious extremists are more infamous than some of the other Duggar rules. Footloose was not a documentary, but it made a lot of people aware of how isolated communities might abide by confusing religious doctrines.

Of course, Duggar rules also put Austin “in charge” of how their family should operate. In their twisted ideology, Joy was effectively Jim Bob’s property until he passed her on to Austin, when she became his. (Gross!)

Joy-Anna Duggar appears in a YouTube video shot at the end of September 2023.
Joy-Anna Duggar appears in a YouTube video from the end of September 2023. (YouTube)

Is Joy distancing herself from the family cult?

Even if Joy is still an adherent of many of the Duggar beliefs that shaped her, she could put some physical difference between herself and the Duggar compound.

Earlier this year, Joy-Anna and Jinger teased a potential Los Angeles move.

It does sound like teasing was the operative word, here. But if Joy did move out West, she’d be able to see Jinger a lot more often.

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