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Joy-Anna Duggar Violates Jim Bob Dress Code While Committing ‘Sinful’ Act

todayFebruary 5, 2024 1

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Joy-Anna Duggar is breaking more than just her father’s dress code.

She’s doubling down in a way that Jim Bob would describe as downright sinful.

Though she’s been teasing a Los Angeles move, Joy’s signaling that she doesn’t need to be states away to distance herself from her dad’s strict policies.

This is about more than just a form-fitting pair of pants, though. She’s breaking a fairly famous Christian rule that goes well beyond her family’s rules.

Joy-Anna Duggar speaks in the car without makeup.
In the car, Joy-Anna Duggar shows off her makeup free face while vlogging. (Image Credit: YouTube)

Let’s break some rules!

Over the weekend, Joy-Anna Duggar took to YouTube to continue her vlogging.

She posted a 21-minute video, which you can see below. The video covered a lot of her life and her family … but one aspect really jumped out at fans.

Joy broke two major rules. Rules that Jim Bob enforced and promoted as part of his family’s extreme, fundamentalist lifestyle.

Joy-Anna Duggar makes an odd expression.
Vlogging in her kitchen, Joy-Anna Duggar discusses upcoming plans. (Image Credit: YouTube)

The first rule, of course, relates to the Duggar family’s infamous dress code. It’s more than just a ban on dressing like a member of society.

Joy-Anna Duggar did more than just violate the dress code by wearing pants — she wore form-fitting jeans.

According to the beliefs that Jim Bob promotes, this makes her basically a harlot and guilty of “defrauding” anyone who finds her attractive.

Jesse Duggar, Michelle Duggar, and Jim Bob Duggar
Counting On star Jessa Duggar sits down with her mother, Michelle Duggar, and father, Jim Bob Duggar, to discuss how they ensure that their children remain trapped within the cult into which they were born. (Image Credit: YouTube)

What is the Duggar dress code all about?

As Michelle Duggar explained back in the day, if someone looks at a woman and desires her, that woman — or girl — cannot act upon this desire because they are not married.

The family’s sinister teachings places the blame for natural human desires and for sexual predation upon women and girls. To them, showing something that might elicit a second glance is “defrauding” the other person.

Truth be told, much of this appears to have been a visual display of their extreme beliefs. As we’ve heard, the Duggar family rules were worse because cameras were following them.

Avid vlogger Joy-Anna Duggar showed off as she danced on camera. Note that John David and Abbie are also dancers.

Joy-Anna also did something forbidden: dancing

In the video, Joy-Anna also danced. It wasn’t anything provocative — she wasn’t twerking or doing any other “worldly” dances.

Instead, Joy was just dancing with her husband, Austin Forsyth. While we’re no dance experts, these are the kinds of dances that most people’s parents or grandparents would do without batting an eye.

Totally appropriate for anyone to do. Unless, of course, they happen to be from an oppressive cult.

Joy-Anna Duggar wears pants and dances with husband Austin Forsyth.
Let’s break some rules! Joy-Anna Duggar dances with husband Austin Forsyth, wearing form-fitting pants in the process. (Image Credit: YouTube)

What’s the deal with dancing? Simply put, bans on dancing were not a Footloose invention.

Michelle and Jim Bob have expressed the belief that dancing is both sensual and elicits temptations.

Additionally, Joy’s sister, Jessa, has spoken in the past about how a lot of contemporary music is too sexual for their tastes. This is why the Duggars only listen to music like gospel music and dull melodies.

Joy-Anna Duggar makes an over the top facial expression.
Making quite the facial expression, Joy-Anna Duggar talks into the camera. (Image Credit: YouTube)

It is possible that the ban on dancing was something that the family exaggerated for reality TV purposes. They wanted to promote their extreme lifestyle, and you can’t really do that by not having clear rules to spoonfeed to viewers.

Alternatively, it’s possible that Joy, Austin, John David, and Abbie have simply decided as adults that dancing is okay. The Duggar cult’s ideology places ownership of the wives with the husbands, and thus it would be up to John David and Austin.

Either way, this is not the image that Jim Bob cultivated for his family. And any deviation from that has to be a good thing.

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