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Kody Brown: Christine FORCED Me to Marry Her!

todayOctober 16, 2023 10

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Christine Brown did her best to celebrate an unusual occasion on Sunday night.

The latest episode of Sister Wives featured this long-time cast member meeting up with some friends to mark her spiritual wedding anniversary to Kody Brown.

“Celebrating the day of our divorce isn’t enough,” Christine said in an interview about the gathering, explaining on air:

“I also need to celebrate our old anniversary, our ex-anniversary.”

Christine Brown and her friends are out here for a meal. (TLC)

Christine and Kody got married in 1994… shared six kids together… and split in November 2021 after Christine grew sick of the way she and these children were being treated by Kody.

On this installment of the show, Christine made it clear she was happy with the choice she made back then.

“It’s hard to leave a marriage. It’s really hard,” she acknowledged.

“It is hard to know when you’re done. It’s hard to show your kids when you’re done.

“It’s hard to show the world that you’re done. It is hard to leave a marriage, but it sure feels good on the other side.”

Christine Brown has said she’s SO glad she divorced Kody. We’re proud of her for doing so. (TLC)

At this point, of course, Christine is WAY on the other side.

She just recently got married to David Woolley.

More than once, Christine has emphasized the major differences between her new husband and her old husband.

On Sunday evening, meanwhile, the mother of six once again stood up loud and proud and expressed herself pointedly.

Kody Brown just never sees happy, huh? (TLC)

“I’m a big fan of divorce, I’m just saying. If people are thinking about it, I say go for it. … Do it. You’re already miserable,” said Christine via confessional.

“Stop pretending to [not] be miserable and pretending to be happy.

“It might be terrible advice but I’m not a therapist or a psychiatrist or anything. I just know how it feels on the other side, and it’s awesome.”

Christine then added her “tipping point” was Kody not “being the greatest dad to my kids.”

Christine Brown looks directly into the camera and gets serious in this Season 18 confessional scene. (TLC)

Continued Christine:

“I think if people wanna live [plural marriage], fine. But I just, to be honest with you, I don’t see it as a great family structure and I really have a hard time with it.

“But I think once a guy finds the love of his life, the other women are screwed.”

Translation? Kody only truly loves Robyn Brown and it shows.

Kody Brown has his classic sneer across his face in this Sister Wives confessional. (TLC)

As for Kody?

He went ahead and hurled some allegations against Christine about how she came into the family.

“Christine forced herself into my life. She basically just insisted that we be married,” he claimed in his own confessional.

“I don’t care that she’s leaving. It hurt initially, but I’m. It’s just stop trash-talking me to my children.”

Kody Brown confronts a former sister wife in this photo, and isn’t happy about it. (TLC)

Looking back, Christine said she was admittedly “jaded” and “a little bit frustrated” by her experience with polygamy.

But she was also looking ahead.

“I’m doing my best while not having a good day, believe me, but it still was a failure,” Christine said on the episode.

“I just wish he would have sat us all down and said, ‘Look, I found the love of my life. I found Robyn. She and I are soul mates, and we want to live together for the rest of our life.

“So let’s figure out how to make the other three of you work in this scenario.’”

Sister Wives airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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