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Kody Brown Finally Realizes Polygamy is a Terrible Idea on Sister Wives

todayNovember 13, 2023 4

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Better late than never to arrive at certain conclusions, we suppose.

On the latest episode of Sister Wives, which was filmed way back in late 2022, Kody Brown acknowledged that he was no longer part of a plural family.

Christine Brown had left him a year earlier… and although no official announcements had been made at the time of this taping, his relationships with Janelle and Meri Brown were over as well.

The latter recently admitted she really had moved on at last.

Sister Wives cast together
The cast of Sister Wives is featured in this split screen photo. (TLC)

“It’s been 10 months since I’ve been to Janelle’s house,” Kody explained at one point to the camera.

“I don’t even know what’s going on hardly half the time with Meri’s life.

“Now, I’ve got all this time that Robyn and I, we’ve got sort of this special life together. I mean, it’s been a challenge in one way, But you know what?

“I do have some time to spend with my friends.”

Kody Brown sits here for a confessional on Sister Wives Season 18.
Kody Brown has an annoying smirk on his face in this photo. (TLC)

Along those lines, Kody spent some time on this episode with a friend, attempting to squeeze sports vehicle into a truck.

The father of 17 — who has often whined about the challenges of polygamy for himself — then related this endeavor to his experiences with such an arrangement, saying via confessional:

“I’ve spent most of my life as this polygamist trying to constantly fit square pegs into round holes. I’ve forced things to fit rather than going, is this a fit?

“I’ve had to learn through my experiences in plural marriage that the square peg is not a good idea to pound into the round hole.”

Kody Brown via confessional
Kody Brown says something that is likely very selfish and sexist in this confessional. (TLC)

After decades spent as one of four women desperately seeking Kody’s affection and attention, Janelle also realized that polygamy was not an ideal set-up.

“For me, I don’t want to break my covenant without knowing God’s completely cool with it,” she told Christine during a road trip to Utah.

“I don’t know. Don’t know how that happens. But I’m waiting ’till I know,”

Janelle also shared in a confessional that polygamist husbands are “supposed to grow beyond themselves” and that while Kody initially “really tried,” he eventually “found someone who thought like him [and] was more like him … [and] it was easy to be with her.”

This was a reference to Robyn Brown, Kody’s legal and favorite spouse.

Christine and Janelle Brown on a road trip
There they go! Christine and Robyn Brown are off to Utah in this photo. (TLC)

After arriving at Christine’s brother’s house, the conversation turned toward the dangers of polygamy.

“I think, and this will never happen, but all you got to do is give those women a legal marriage … because they can take and they can divorce him and take part of his assets,” Janelle said to the group.

“Like, honestly, if they were all legally married to him, he’d really have to toe the line.”

YES, Janelle. YES!

On a previous Sister Wives episode, Janelle expressed concern over leaving Kody because she had scarcely any money of her own.

Kody Brown and Janelle Brown are featured in this split screen image.
Kody Brown and Janelle Brown of Sister Wives fame are featured in this split screen image. (TLC)

Emphasizing how a legal divorce would benefit her situation, Janelle added:

“I’m sitting here because my finances are all so mish-mashed right now with everybody’s that I’m having to fight hard to get my estate separated…

“If I could do anything, I would be out there, like, knocking on the door saying get yourself financially independent because then you have choices.

Once again… YES! Polygamy robs women of their indepedence.

Janelle Brown during a confessional
Janelle Brown spills some tea here on just how and why Kody dumped her. (TLC)

Toward the end of the emotional episode, Christine reflected on what Janelle was getting at and what this meant for her close pal going forward, saying:

“One of the reasons she’s still with Kody is because of this, because she has nothing in her name.”

Sister Wives airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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