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Kody Brown: Janelle Only Used Me for S-E-X! I’m Not a Piece of Meat!

todayNovember 29, 2023 3

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Kody Brown is many things:

Selfish. Sexist. A very bad father.

This past Sunday night, however, during his appearance on the Sister Wives one-on-one special to close out Season 18, the veteran reality star was something else:


Kody Brown on a special
Kody Brown is all dressed up for this Season 18 one-on-one special. (TLC)

Speaking to host Sukanya Krishnan, Kody delved into the details behind his split from Janelle last year, at one point saying with a straight face:

“Janelle has always seen me as a physical specimen and as a resource and not ever really dove into my humanity.”

Kody then said he felt like a “boy toy” and added of his experience with Janelle:

“I felt like a piece of meat.”

Kody Brown in a suit
Kody Brown is looking quite dapper here, huh? (TLC)

Earlier this year, on a Sister Wives episode, Kody earned mockery for saying he has a six-pack.

But the 54-year old doubled down on that claim in this interview, saying Janelle was only interested in his “nice pecs” and “great six-pack abs.”

Responded Krishnan, citing the alleged intimate connection between the former married couple, “Did you guys just have great sex?”

“Hmmm,” Kody answered before looking down at the ground and playing with his hands nervously.

Kody Brown here with Janelle Brown
Kody Brown and Janelle Brown share the screen here. They no longer share a marriage. (TLC)

To be fair, Janelle has said that she misses having intercourse with Kody.

But she also scoffed at Kody’s entire above thesis during a sit-down with Us Weekly.

“I really felt like our relationship was very, very good,” Janelle told this tabloid a few days ago.

“My perspective on what happened is so much more different than what he thinks. And I think in some regards, he’s flying from the hip right now. He’s just saying what’s in his mind.

“But it was so much more than [sex]. Obviously. There’s way more to a marriage.”

Janelle Brown speaks to the camera here on Sister Wives.
Janelle Brown addresses the camera in this confessional from Season 18. (TLC)

Janelle continued as follows:

“We have six children and they are beautiful.

“Up until the last few years, they had amazing relationships with their dad, and I just feel, like, I’m not quite sure where that sentiment comes from, but it’s actually kind of funny.”

Janelle and Kody were spiritually united in 1993 and share kids: Logan, 29, Maddie, 27, Hunter, 26, Garrison, 25, Gabriel, 21, and Savanah, 18.

The former announced in December 2022 that she and Kody had been “separated for several months” after nearly 30 years as a couple.

Janelle Brown talks to camera
Janelle Brown gets deep in this scene from Sister Wives. (TLC)

It doesn’t sound as if there’s a future for these two, as Kody has no interest in talking to Janelle ever again.

She’s likely okay with that, though.

“I think things changed when Robin came, but I don’t feel like he was pretending or acting,” Janelle told Us Weekly of how Kody’s legal spouse affected things.

“I think he was doing what was important, and we were building this family together. And I think now he wants to brush it all off, but I don’t necessarily agree with his perspective.”

Kody Brown: Janelle Only Used Me for S-E-X! I’m Not a Piece of Meat! was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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