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Leida Margaretha Arrested! 90 Day Fiance Villain Charged with Stealing Thousands, May …

todayOctober 10, 2023 2

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Without a doubt, in all of the history of 90 Day Fiance and its many spinoffs, few if any villains are more hated than Leida Margaretha.

Her on-screen behavior was atrocious. And even after her time on the show, Leida’s feuds, interviews, and spiteful energy only confirmed who she was.

It’s not just 90 Day Fiance viewers who think that she’s a bad person. Her (former) employers agree — and so do authorities.

Police have arrested Leida for using her job to steal “several thousands of dollars.”

“Well, it’s [bleeped] thousand dollars, per year,” Leida Margaretha complained on 90 Day Fiance about her then-fiance’s child support payments. (TLC)

TMZ reports that police arrested Leida Margaretha … and that her charges may grow in number before long.

Police in Portage, Wisconsin heard from the owners of a glass bottling company called Loggerhead Deco.

Last week, the owners reported Leida for making “fraudulent payments and withdrawals to several outside business accounts and customers.” She did this (allegedly) using the company’s account information.

Leida Margaretha appears in an October 2023 mugshot by the Portage Police Department. The 90 Day Fiance villain faced charges including theft and wire fraud. (Portage Police Department)

According to police, some victims have found that several thousand dollars are suddenly missing from their accounts.

As you can imagine, this isn’t a simple crime. So Leida is facing several charges.

Thus far, the charges include Theft from a Business Setting, Forgery, and Wire Fraud Against a Financial Institution.

During her infamous appearance on 90 Day Fiance, Leida Margaretha just wants her future husband to stop paying child support. (TLC)

And that might not be the end of it.

Police are already predicting that additional charges could emerge during the ongoing investigation.

Remember, the owners reported these crimes just last week. We don’t yet know what investigators will uncover, or how far back the alleged crimes go.

In a 90 Day Fiance flashback scene, we see Leida Margaretha react to a moderately messy apartment. This would eventually be part of how she convinces her fiance to kick his teenage daughter out of the house. (TLC)

We have to note that Leida may be facing more than just prison time.

She came over on a K-1 visa to marry Eric Rosenbrook. In our minds, we like to imagine that they met on a “terrible person dating site,” because they certainly are a match in that regard.

But, as an immigrant, if she receives a conviction for a crime, she may end up facing deportation proceedings. Obviously, it’s not certain, but one has to wonder.

Leida Margaretha did not endear herself to fans on 90 Day Fiance. It was not a case of a “villain edit,” but simply villainous behavior. (TLC)

Deportation is a complex topic. For that matter, so is prison.

But if Leida really did the things for which she is now facing charges, then she has actual victims.

Those victims deserve justice. And people deserve to be safe from having money ripped out of their accounts by a remorseless thief.

Leida Margaretha is one of the most universally despised 90 Day Fiance cast members in the franchise’s history. It’s not difficult to understand why. (TLC)

Even though Leida appeared on Season 6, and 90 Day Fiance is currently airing Season 10, she has been difficult to forget.

Why? Well, she came from Indonesia to Wisconsin to marry Eric Rosenbrook.

Leida made a big deal about leaving behind her affluent family life to slum it with Eric in his apartment.

It is no surprise that Leida Margaretha was on 90 Day Fiance for such a short time. She didn’t win over fans; her haters only grew in number with each episode. And not without cause. (TLC)

Leida had some major insecurities about Eric’s past. Because he was paying child support.

She complained that he spent more each year to support his children than he was spending on Leida. So she wanted him to stop, and she didn’t understand why he didn’t.

Leida also fumed over a moderately messy apartment. This would ultimately be the wedge issue that she used to drive Eric to kick out his teen daughter, Tasha, forcing her to move out. Cameras captured that tearful departure.

Leida Margaretha pitched a fit about the state of her then-fiance’s apartment, and even brought her family to tour it for some reason. (TLC)

Notably, Tasha later shared that she had been the original renter of the apartment and let her dad move in. Clearly, she came to regret that.

Leida later went on to push her further away, including taking out a restraining order to keep Tasha from contacting her. The existence of the restraining order came up on background checks, making it harder for Tasha to find employment.

Between all of that and Leida and Eric saying some despicable things in interviews … no one is surprised to see her under arrest.

Leida Margaretha Arrested! 90 Day Fiance Villain Charged with Stealing Thousands, May … was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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