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Lying, corrupt, anti-American cops are running amok with AI

todayJuly 27, 2021 1

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Hundreds of thousands of law enforcement agents in the US have the authority to use blackbox AI to conduct unethical surveillance, generate evidence, and circumvent our Fourth Amendment protections. And there’s little reason to believe anyone’s going to do anything about it.

The problem is that blackbox AI systems are a goldmine for startups, big tech, and politicians. And, since the general public is ignorant about what they do or how they’re being used, law enforcement agencies have carte blanche do whatever they want.

Let’s start with the individual officers.

Any cop, regardless of affiliation or status, has access to dozens (if not hundreds) of third-party AI systems.

When I mention an “AI system,” you may be imagining a server with a bunch of blinking lights or a well-dressed civilian leaning over a console with half a dozen monitors.

But I’m talking about an Android or iPhone app that officers and agents can use without their supervisors even knowing.

Here’s how how it works

A cop installs software from a company such as Clearview AI on their personal smartphone. This allows them to take a picture of anyone and surface their identity. The cop then runs the identity through an app from a company such as Palantir, which surfaces a cornucopia of information on the individual.