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Meet MASTERHAND, the Architects of Ultra Music Festival’s Dubstep Future

todayMarch 6, 2024 1

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Forged in the fires of dubstep’s most subversive minds is MASTERHAND, the brainchild of Eptic, Space Laces and SVDDEN DEATH.

All three artists are long-championed as among the most technically gifted producers and sound designers in the electronic music scene. But they recently shocked the community by joining forces, dancing on the tightrope between cohesion and chaos as a supergroup.

The story and conceptual undertow of MASTERHAND remain hazy at the moment. But that’s fine—you don’t necessarily need an explanation behind their music, the intense, visceral kind you can feel in your bones.

“To put it simply, the Masterhand controls the game,” the group jointly told EDM.com. “We will leave that up to interpretation for everyone.”

With control comes the opportunity to pull strings and shape sensations. And that kind of power is downright scary when in the collective palm of SVDDEN DEATH, Eptic and Space Laces, each of whom regularly release cerebral bass music that rewires neural pathways and lingers like a spider in the brain.

On the precipice of headlining Miami’s iconic Ultra, one of the world’s largest and most popular electronic music festivals, they stand not as musical marionettes, but as puppeteers of primal emotions.

MASTERHAND’s Eptic, Space Laces and SVDDEN DEATH performing at the 2024 Rampage festival in Belgium.

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While the group’s upcoming Ultra set is undeniably the biggest of their career, it’s business as usual for its members, who care more about manufacturing memories than prestige.

“We try not to think too hard about any one set in particular and try to have fun with it and make the best audiovisual experience for our fans,” they explained. “The conception of this project was about having fun and blending our three unique styles into something special.”

And that’s exactly what fans can expect from MASTERHAND, who tell us they formulated an experience that “everyone will be blown away with.” There’s not even a scintilla of doubt they’re planning to leave it all out on the field at Ultra. After all, if dubstep is anything, it’s a beautiful conduit for reckless abandon.

“These sets are extremely rare,” they explained. “This isn’t a project that you can just go by tickets to on the regular—we will never ‘tour’ this project and its intention is to be special for select shows such as Ultra. We don’t want to say it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but it just might be. It’s pretty hard to get all three of our touring schedules to align to pull one of these shows off, so it might be your only chance.”

With an unrestrained sound all their own, MASTERHAND have been relentlessly rising from the depths of the underground—literally—after debuting at Summoning of the Eclipse, a music festival in the subterranean Caverns venue of Tennessee. They then poured gasoline on their ascent with a show-stopping performance at Belgium’s Rampage festival, their European debut.

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The trio’s Ultra set, however, will provide a new kind of high for both MASTERHAND and their fans. Replete with unreleased music, it’s the hold-your-breath kind of rare.

“We think we have been making some of the best bass music we ever have together, and we are keeping the majority of it exclusive for these sets and won’t have them in our solo sets,” the group explained. “If you want to hear it then it’s got to be at our set.”

Ultra returns March 22-24 to its longtime home of Bayfront Park. MASTERHAND’s performance is scheduled to take place on the festival’s Live Stage on its first day. You can purchase passes here.


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