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Meri Brown: My New Boyfriend is Not a Liar, A Cheat or a Financial Failure!

todayJanuary 23, 2024 1

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Late last week, Meri Brown revealed to the world that she has a boyfriend.

Now, however, the long-time Sister Wives star may be regretting her decision to do so.

The boyfriend’s name, you see, is Amos Andrews.

We learned shortly after Brown’s big announcement that Andrews once filed for bankruptcy and that he has been married THREE times.

Meri Brown on a Sister Wives episode
Meri Brown opens up here to the TLC cameras. (TLC)

Yikes? Should Meri Brown followers be concerned?

During the Sister Wives star’s latest “Fridays with Friends” Instagram Live series, Meri actually brought on her new boyfriend for the first time, even allowing close pal Jen Sullivan to ask him some challenging questions.

Yes, Amos said at one point.

He’s been married on three previous occasions.

Meri Brown on the air on TLC
Meri Brown looks a little bit concerned in this scene from Sister Wives. (TLC)

“What?!” replied Meri in joking response… prior to referencing her Sister Wives family of ex-spouse Kody Brown, plus his one-time wives Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown.

“I sort of have three ex-sister wives and an ex-husband. I beat you.”

Not a bad line, actually, Meri. We laughed.

Elsewhere, Amos acknowledged that getting together with a former polygamist did raise a small “red flag” for him.

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“I think it was the second time we talked. He was like, ‘Yeah, I’m a really private person,’” Meri then said.

“I’m like, ‘Really?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah. I’m not on social media. I’m a really private person. I don’t let a lot of people into my life.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, so how private are you really?’”

Meri went on to say she was the one to “pursue” Amos.

She also planted a kiss on his lips during the live Q&A.

Meri Brown on the new season of Sister Wives
Meri Brown being interviewed during Sister Wives, season 18. (YOUTUBE/TLC)

“He just looks at me and he’s got, like, the sweetest eyes. And when he smiles, they crinkle. They’re happy and they just make me happy,” Meri gushed.

“Also, if I’m like stressed out, like, he did this the other day. I was stressed out and he’s like, ‘Just stop. Let me hold you for a second. Just breathe.’ It was so sweet! He just cared.

“And also, he just fills up my Yeti all the time. … He just walks around and does little things. He just notices.”

He also had some financial struggles in the past — but who hasn’t, Meri basically asked in response?!?

Meri Brown speaks her truth
Meri Brown is looking here into the camera and admitting her relationship is over. (TLC)

“Y’all bankruptcies are not quite a big deal,” Meri told her fans after this topic was broached.

“Everybody has been through issues before, who the heck cares that you had a bankruptcy?”

Meri even said she filed for bankruptcy about 25 years ago, adding:

“You just build your way out of it. It doesn’t define who you are. It doesn’t matter what happened to you in your past, who you are now is what matters and how you act on it.”

Meri Brown all alone
Meri Brown sits here in silence during Season 18 of Sister Wives. (TLC)

Closing out the Instagram Live, Meri — who terminated her marriage to Kody a year ago — said the pair are “happy” and “like each other a lot.”

She’s the second Sister Wives cast member to have truly moved one from Kody, with Christine having married David Woolley in October 2023.

“I’ve been keeping this kind of close to me as we’ve been enjoying the last few months of dating and getting to know each other,” Meri wrote of Amos on the occasion of her 53rd birthday.

“As I’ve considered when and how I wanted to share this fun news and share him with the world (jk, not really sharing, I’m keeping him to myself) I knew I wanted to celebrate my birthday in a special way and let you celebrate this with me!

“I feel like I’m getting this year off to a great start, and I can’t wait to share more with you as the year moves forward.”

Meri Brown: My New Boyfriend is Not a Liar, A Cheat or a Financial Failure! was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

Written by: 98bpm Radio

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