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Meri Brown’s Boyfriend: His Full Name, Questionable Past & More REVEALED

todayJanuary 30, 2024

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In case you haven’t heard, Meri Brown has a boyfriend.

The Sister Wives star took Instagram followers by surprise in January, when she paid tribute to her own 53rd birthday by announcing that she was now dating a man named Amos.

It’s her first real relationship after her split from Kody Brown and the reality star is relishing in her new love.

Meri Brown and Kody Brown photograph
Meri Brown has some serious side eye here for ex Kody Brown. (TLC)

Meri Brown’s Boyfriend Has Been Married 4 Times

Still, right out of the gate there is some drama with her new beau, which includes allegations that he’s a dead beat dad to the fact that, honestly, he looks very much like a clone of her ex!

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves! Let’s meet Meri Brown’s new boyfriend!

Meri Brown’s New Boyfriend: Meet Amos!

Not long after the veteran Sister Wives star said she wanted to have dinner with a great guy on her birthday, Meri went ahead and dropped the following romantic bombshell:

“Meet Amos, the good looking guy I’ve been dating since October!” Brown wrote excitedly as a caption to a carousel of photos of herself and this new man on Instagram .

While she didn’t provide a last name, In Touch Weekly reported that Meri’s boyfriend’s full name Amos Andrews.

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While she attempted to keep some info quiet, she was quick to share how lucky she felt to find someone she has a lot in common with.

“He’s not 6 foot 6, nor is he a pilot, but he loves Christmas almost as much as I do, and we laugh a lot together, both of which are important elements to a relationship!” added Meri.

Sounds nice, so far. What else do we know!

eri’s New Boyfriend Looks – Familiar!

Meri married Kody Brown in 1994 and shares one child with the former polygamist.

The couple divorced 30 years later, but Meri stuck around as one of Kody’s spiritual spouses, until January 2023, that is.

This is her first real relationship since all of that went down and fans immeditately couldn’t help seeing some, shall we say, similarities between Amos and Kody.

Namely, that Amos looks JUST LIKE HIM!

Kody Brown, all smiles
Kody Brown seems to have no worries in this Sister Wives scene. (TLC)

“Anyone else seeing this too?” posted one Redditor, showing a side by side photo of Kody and Amos.

“You’ve got somebody who could be Kody’s brother from another mother, if you’ll pardon the expression,” they added.

You might not immediately see it: Amos is balder, Kody has fairer skins, but when you get to the face, the nose, the eyes … yeah we can see!

And that’s not the only thing they have in common.

While TLC viewers are celebrating Meri’s romantic match — which came several months after she and Kody Brown terminated their marriage — at least one website out there has done some digging.

In Touch Weekly not only found out Amos’ full name, but some other information that hopefully Meri knew going into things.

Meri Brown looks intense
Meri Brown looks intense in this photo from her show’s one-on-one special. (TLC)

Namely, they’ve learned that Amos has been married FOUR times.

Four wives? Where have we heard that before!

Amos reportedly first got married to a woman named Tracey Ann Smith Lang; the spouses divorced in 1998.

He went on to marry Shannon Marie Martin, although their relationship was over in 2000.

The potential new reality star’s third marriage was to Christine Andrews, whom he divorced in 2004.

And, finally, Amos followed this split up by exchanging vow with Jennifer Carol Andrews, marrying her in 2016 and getting divorced in 2021.

Now, all of this doesn’t necessarily equate to a red flag. It also doesn’t mean that Amos has done anything wrong or that he can’t be a great partner for Meri. It just seems worth noting right now.

As does his financial situation.

Money Problems For Amos

During the Sister Wives star’s latest “Fridays with Friends” Instagram Live series, Meri actually brought on her new boyfriend for the first time, even allowing close pal Jen Sullivan to ask him some challenging questions.

The pair talked about their past, with Meri even ribbing on Amos and all his ex-wives.

“What?!” replied Meri in joking response… prior to referencing her Sister Wives family of ex-spouse Kody Brown, plus his one-time wives Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown.

“I sort of have three ex-sister wives and an ex-husband. I beat you.”

Meri Brown on the air on TLC
Meri Brown looks a little bit concerned in this scene from Sister Wives. (TLC)

Not a bad line, actually, Meri. We laughed.

Elsewhere, Amos acknowledged that getting together with a former polygamist did raise a small “red flag” for him.

But then the two of them dove into Amos’ reported financial troubles.

He filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy on May 8, 2000 in Phoenix, Arizona.

According to records viewed by this tabloid, Amos’ wife at the time, Shannon Marie Andrews, was listed as a co-petitioner in the filing.

The case was closed as of September 26 of that year … with Amos, we assume, selling his property to pay back creditors in order to satisfy the requirements of a bankruptcy filing.

This filing took place well over two decades ago and we have no further details on Andrews’ current financial situation.

But none of this seems to bother Meri in the slightest.

Meri Brown speaks her truth
Meri Brown is looking here into the camera and admitting her relationship is over. (TLC)

“Y’all bankruptcies are not quite a big deal,” Meri told her fans after this topic was broached.

“Everybody has been through issues before, who the heck cares that you had a bankruptcy?”

Meri even said she filed for bankruptcy about 25 years ago, adding:

“You just build your way out of it. It doesn’t define who you are. It doesn’t matter what happened to you in your past, who you are now is what matters and how you act on it.”

Meri is happy – does anything else matter?

Meri Brown in thought
Meri Brown appears to be ruminating on life in this photo from an episode of Sister Wives. (TLC)

Bottom line: Meri is very happy with her choice of a new boyfriend.

When she first introduced him to her followers, she admitted that starting this new relationship felt like getting the year off to a “great start”

In her Instagram Live, she revealed all the wonderful things Amos has been doing for her.

“He just looks at me and he’s got, like, the sweetest eyes. And when he smiles, they crinkle. They’re happy and they just make me happy,” Meri gushed.

“Also, if I’m like stressed out, like, he did this the other day. I was stressed out and he’s like, ‘Just stop. Let me hold you for a second. Just breathe.’ It was so sweet! He just cared.

“And also, he just fills up my Yeti all the time. … He just walks around and does little things. He just notices.”

Meri Brown’s Boyfriend: His Full Name, Questionable Past & More REVEALED was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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