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Ocasio-Cortez, Warren introduce bill to put $500 billion toward electric public transit : politics

todayMarch 19, 2021 8

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Here’s my plan for infrastructure week: Just let the states barrow directly from the fed for infrastructure projects.

I’m sick of New York needing the approval of the senators from Kentucky for a fed loan to build a better metro.

If the 30 million Texans want to take on debt to build a high speed rail in the Texas Triangle, why should they need the approval of the 750k residents of North Dakota?

The residents of New Mexico have no incentive to approve debt for levee’s in Louisiana.

I think the way we fund infrastructure is ass-backwards because the party politics make it so that rural states actually have a political incentive to deny federal infrastructure funding (even though in reality we all derive economic benefits from making sure high population centers have efficient infrastructure to continue promoting growth). If the flyover states want to be fiscally conservative, let them. And let the states that understand how to promote growth run themselves. And the high population states are the ones producing the most greenhouse gasses while they get hamstrung trying to go green because some yokel’s think Tucker Carlson is a better expert than scientists so they wont approve funding for what they believe is a hoax.

If the federal government can get it’s act together and decides it’s finally a good idea to build national high speed rail or new airports, great. But I think a lot of the problems with our political system would be fixed by letting more local government directly request the funding they need to go green from the fed. And more people would pay attention to local government if they knew that their vote could actually impact whether the state legislature could fund rebuilding all our dumb urban sprawl and create more livable, green, cities. I’m not an expert though so I’m sure someone will tell me why it’s a bad idea.

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