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Olivia Plath Gets Personal, Trashes Ex-Husband’s Abilities in the Bedroom

todayJanuary 30, 2024 1

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Olivia Plath just added personal injury to marital insult.

Back in October, the TLC personality split from her husband of five years, sharing the news her marriage ending in the least personal way possible.

“Ethan and I have decided to go our separate ways,” Olivia wrote at the time, adding in a manner that made it sound like she has no regret or remorse over the decision at all…

Olivia Plath in front of a camera
Olivia Plath addresses the camera here on Welcome to Plathville. (TLC)

“I have ambivalent memories of us being 18 years old, innocently dreaming of forever – but the partner you choose is a reflection of the world you want to live in, and at 18 I didn’t know who I was or what kind of life I wanted to create for myself.”

Prior to this official announcement, followers had surmised that something was amiss between Olivia and Ethan, who co-star on Welcome to Plathville.

At one point, Olivia strongly implied last summer that things weren’t great in her relationship by writing on Instagram how she was at peace with the way things have turned out:

“7 years later, I’ve already begun my journey of questioning, deconstructing and rebuilding and I know this is a process that I will continue to prioritize throughout my life.

“There were good moments and I want to remember and honor those. We fell in love as children and are going our separate ways as adults. Wiser, older, and braver. We will be okay.”

Ethan and Olivia Plath on Camera
Ethan and Olivia Plath are interviewed here by TLC during an episode of Welcome to Plathville. (TLC)

Did Olivia cheat on Ethan?

We may never know for certain.

But a new social media post from the 25-year old makes it sound as if she wasn’t satisfied with her ex-husband in the bedroom at least.

“I’m hooking you all up with vibes!” Olivia wrote online this week of her latest partnership, the Bellesa AirVibe, which is advertised as an “innovative” sex toy.

(Did we mention that Olivia Plath now helps sell sex toys?)

“EVERYONE who signs up to my giveaway will receive either a free toy or a gift card!” added Olivia this past Sunday.

Olivia Plath Confesses
Olivia Plath sits down here and talks about her marriage on an episode of Welcome to Plathville. (TLC)

Underneath the photo, one fan quipped, “And it doesn’t expect you to cook three meals a day!”

In response, Olivia seemingly referenced Ethan and something he was unable to do during their private time together in the bedroom:

“And it actually makes me c-m.”

Sheesh, Olivia. Did you really need to go there in a public forum?!?

Olivia Plath looks sad
Olivia Plath looks very sad in this TLC confessional. (TLC)

For his part, Ethan has said very little about his relationship coming to an end, simply issuing a terse statement on the same day Olivia issued hers in October.

“It just didn’t work between us,” Ethan wrote back then.

“Olivia and I have parted ways.

“It seemed we were constantly pulling each other in opposite directions in life with different goals. I wish Olivia the best in the future ahead. I care for her deeply and always will.”

Olivia Plath Gets Personal, Trashes Ex-Husband’s Abilities in the Bedroom was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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