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RHONY Reunion Sees Housewives Take Aim at “Gaslighter” Erin Lichy

todayOctober 23, 2023 1

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After the RHONY finale ended on such a bitter note, we knew that this cast’s first Reunion would be contentious.

On Sunday, Part 1 of the Reunion confirmed that. And then some.

Ubah came ready to face off with castmates — especially Erin. Jessel also took issue with Erin and with Sai.

The accusations of spreading rumors and gaslighting were intense. And what’s this about Jenna Lyons being fake?

A The Real Housewives of New York City screenshot featuring a superimposed text message from Ubah Hassan to "Kerin" (Erin Lichy) superimposed upon the New York skyline.
Before we see footage from the RHONY Season 14 Reunion special, we see Ubah Hassan’s texts … including a creative nickname for Erin “Kerin” Lichy. (Image Credit: Bravo)

From the start, we see that Ubah Hassan has some serious bones to pick with Erin Lichy specifically.

(We don’t have full transparency for the Reunions, but obviously they get to see footage a little early, as the Reunion tapes while the season is airing)

Notably, she isn’t the only Housewife who’s mad at Erin — or who thinks that Erin is a liar. But that’s not how Andy starts the Reunion.

Ubah Hassan looks to the side in a backstage screenshot at the RHONY 14 Reunion. She appears unhappy.
Clearly, Ubah Hassan came ready to throw hands. Metaphorically speaking, of course. (Image Credit: Bravo)

That said, after Andy checked in with the Season 14 cast, Ubah did stir the pot when Erin Lichy discussed working with Fredrik Eklund of Million Dollar Listing.

When Erin described Fredrik as very genuine — exactly the same in person as he is on camera — Ubah had something to say.

“Unlike Jenna,” she commented. Wait, what?

Ubah Hassan says "Unlike Jenna" while seated on the Reunion couch.
“Unlike Jenna,” Ubah Hassan shades during the Season 14 Reunion. Wait, what? (Image Credit: Bravo)

“I think TV Jenna is ‘poor me,’ victim, ‘I’m old, I’m this’ and the real Jenna it’s powerhouse,” Ubah accused.

Honestly, it’s pretty nice if the shadiest thing that someone can say about you is that you’re a much more powerful person than you appear.

“I mean, I don’t even know what to say,” Jenna replied. But she did try to offer an explanation.

Jenna Lyons speaks on the Reunion couch.
On the RHONY 14 Reunion, Jenna Lyons explains why her impressive career doesn’t give her an edge on reality TV. (Image Credit: Bravo)

“I think it’s a lot different having cameras watching you,” Jenna reasoned.

“Having vulnerability and being powerful … can exist together,” she noted. “I’m not in a power situation in this dynamic at all.”

Ubah also didn’t like that Jenna avoided conflicts but shared her opinions to the confessional camera. (That’s what confessional segments are for, folks!) Ultimately, Ubah felt that Jenna was “Team Erin” all the way.

Andy Cohen sits and speaks to Erin Lichy, Jenna Lyons, and Sai De Silva as they sit on the RHONY Reunion couch. Notably, Jenna is wearing jeans.
Andy Cohen speaks to Jenna Lyons about her choice to wear denim jeans while she sits with Erin Lichy and Sai De Silva flanking her. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Later, Andy asked Erin about her falling out with Sai. Erin claimed: “Honestly, I have no idea what happened to her. Something, like, switched.”

Apparently, Erin felt that Sai had betrayed her, badmouthing her cheese platter and shakshuka. So, you know, food stuff.

“I never came to your house and said that. Never,” Sai insisted. “Ubah was there, Jessel was there, I brought you a nice bottle of champagne.”

Sai De Silva gestures emphatically while wearing a glittering gold dress on the RHONY Reunion.
On the RHONY 14 reunion, Sai De Silva accuses a castmate of totally misrepresenting her words. (Image Credit: Bravo)

“We were there to have a good time. I was the only person eating the cheese, actually,” Sai continued.

She told Erin to “Stop insinuating this story that I’m a rude person who came to your house and complained.” Sai played a clip from Erin’s podcast, too.

Erin eventually admitted that she may have misrepresented Sai’s words.

Erin Lichy raises her hand for emphasis while turning to the side and speaking.
At the Reunion, Erin Lichy apologizes, saying that she “misspoke” and did not realize that her words would upset a friend. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Additionally, Erin worried that she might seem “a little rude and crass and maybe it’s something I should work on.”

“I don’t think Erin’s rude. I think she’s polite. She’s elegant. She’s nice,” Ubah commented. “But I think she’s a s–t-stirrer. And she gaslights. I think she gaslights.”

“One hundred percent,” Sai chimed in. 

Ubah Hassan sits beside Brynn Whitfield, and Jessel Taank sits by Brynn's other side on the RHONY Reunion couch.
With Ubah Hassan and Jessel Taank by her sides, beautiful Brynn Whitfield explains her eye-catching outfit choice at the RHONY 14 Reunion. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Jessel Taank had a bone to pick with Erin and with Sai over their bizarre obsession with her marriage. She said that they discussed that aspect of her life in the most “disgusting f–king way.”

Erin (as always) tried to play down her commentary, pretending that she and Sai had not repeatedly insinuated that Pavit was jetting off to Vietnam for extramarital sex.

“Did you watch the show Erin?” Jessel asked. “Did you watch it with a f–king blindfold over your face?”

Jessel Taank looks absolutely beautiful at the RHONY Reunion. Seated on the couch, she speaks firmly while gesturing to the jewelry on her hands.
During the RHONY 14 Reunion, Jessel Taank confronted the castmates who had spun wild rumors about her marriage. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Meanwhile, Jessel had words for Sai, who who straight up didn’t believe that Jessel and Pavid had ended their sex drought during their staycation.

“You know what, it’s none of my business,” Sai declared. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t comment on anyone’s marriage but my own.”

She did affirm: “From the outside looking in, it just doesn’t feel like you have a connection. But that is your relationship and I can’t justify your relationship at all.”

Beautiful Jessel Taank speaks firmly on the RHONY 14 Reunion.
Part 1 of the RHONY 14 Reunion ended with Jessel Taank setting a firm boundary. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Jessel pointed out that Sai shared her opinions on her relationship with her comment and stated that “no one deserves to comment on my marriage, and especially not in a negative way.”

She continued, referring to the reasons behind her sex drought, “And also, I was talking about postpartum. You understand when you have babies when you have four years of IVF, it’s OK. It’s OK to have these struggles.”

“It’s fine. It’s normal. You both implied my husband is cheating on me because I’m not having sex with him,” she said, while Erin and Sai continued to deny her claims.  

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