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Rob Tries to Convince Sophie that a Creepy Outdoor Toilet is Fine, Actually on 90 Day …

todayOctober 21, 2023 23

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Rob and Sophie are making a splash this season, and not solely because of Rob’s cringe dance greeting.

On the next 90 Day Fiance, Sophie begins to experience the realities of Rob’s home.

Yes, she’s seen it before. But this time, she’s moving here. On a K-1 visa.

Unless she can convince Rob that they deserve a real home with basic amenities, she could end up stuck with an outdoor bathroom for a long, long time.

Sophie from 90 Day Fiance Season 10 applies makeup in a communal bathroom's mirror.
Sophie attempts to get ready in the shared bathroom that’s across the courtyard from Rob’s studio apartment. (Image Credit: TLC)

In Access’ new sneak peek of Sunday’s 90 Day Fiance episode, we catch up with Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra in the morning.

Sophie is wearing cute little pajamas (it seems that she also sleeps in pajamas? Like, for real? Like a cartoon character?) and doing her makeup.

To do this, she has to go to the bathroom. No big deal, right? Well, it’s a big dimly lit. It also isn’t located in Rob’s apartment.

23-year-old Sophie Sierra stands an open, shared bathroom to apply makeup.
With the door open to the courtyard, we see how absurd Sophie’s morning routine becomes at Rob’s apartment. (Image Credit: TLC)

Instead, as the two previously discussed, the bathroom is outside. It appears to be a shared space. To visit it, one must walk through the courtyard and access the bathroom.

Even setting aside the need to dress (since Sophie apparently spends a lot of time in clothing), that is untenable.

Look, everyone gets into weird situations — out camping, or a plumbing issue. But those are short-term inconveniences.

Sophie looks into the camera while the screen includes graphics noting her name and that she is from London, England.
Speaking to the confessional camera, Sophie describes what she hopes is a temporary situation. (Image Credit: TLC)

You can make do for a little while, but it’s no way to live.

That’s how Sophie sees it. Rob may see this as a “princess tendency,” but she’s being perfectly reasonable.

Previously, she’s said that she’s going to view this as a temporary setup until they get a normal, proper space. That’s much more gracious than many non-rich, non-princess viewers would be.

Next to Rob, Sophie of 90 Day Fiance Season 10 geastures while wearing a yellow blouse.
Speaking to the confessional camera, Sophie points out that going outdoors just to use the bathroom is unusual and unreasonable. (Image Credit: TLC)

During the sneak peek ahead of the Sunday, October 22 episode, Sophie explains the bathroom issue to the camera.

(As if it being a shared bathroom weren’t enough — they are adults and should never have to do that in their own home!)

Every time that she needs to use the bathroom, she has to go outside. No matter the weather or time of day. Even if it’s raining.

Wearing a maroon shirt, Robe Warne of 90 Day Fiance makes a point while Sophie Sierra stares at him.
When Rob points out that it essentially never rains in Los Angeles, he is largely missing the point. (Image Credit: TLC)

Rob triumphantly declares that it “never” rains in Los Angeles.

While it’s true that much of Southern California is a hellish desert, it does actually rain there.

It’s also not the point. At the end of the day, this bathroom is not in their home. Therefore, their home has no bathroom.

Sophie Sierra walks while the caption "I do like the patio" appears on screen. Behind her, in the apartment courtyard, we see boxes and a empty pet carrier.
Generously, Sophie says “I do like the patio” as the camera shows the sort of view that the patio boasts — other people’s storage. (Image Credit: TLC)

Sophie is, to be clear, extremely gracious about the whole situation.

She sees this as a temporary indignity — unacceptable in the long term, but worth it for now, to be with Rob.

She even compliments the patio. It’s nice! If you ignore much of the view. It’s a shared courtyard.

Sophie Sierra sits up in bed while wearing white and red pajamas, looking through her phone.
Sophie wakes up just like the rest of us, avoiding getting out of bed and checking her phone. (Image Credit: TLC)

Not to be mean, but as someone who lives in a building with a courtyard, I cannot imagine having to cross it to use the bathroom.

Even if we remove weather from the equation, as Rob is so eager to do, what about getting up during the night?

What about when someone’s sick? And we don’t know the full details — but what kind of competition is there for the bathroom? How clean is it?

Rob Warne smiles at the camera while wearing a very dark teal shirt.
Rob’s eyes light up with excitement as he describes the joy of waking up next to Sophie. (Image Credit: TLC)

It really feels like Rob is in denial about this living situation. Plenty of people have made do with worse — and that’s their business.

But it stopped being only Rob’s business the moment that he decided to bring Sophie into his life.

He does seem to have a chip on his shoulder. Let’s be clear: wanting a bathroom in your home is not a “princess” desire. It’s normal and reasonable.

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