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Ryan Edwards Debuts INSANE Hand Tattoo During Golf Outing With Bentley; Fans Slam …

todayOctober 24, 2023

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Ryan Edwards has never been a very traditional father figure to his teenage son Bentley.

In fact, Ryan has been in and out of jail so many times that it’s amazing Bentley even recognizes him.

But to both their credit, these two continue to try and improve their relationship.

Unfortunately, Bentley remains the far more mature party in this situation.

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For evidence of Ryan’s continued idiocy, look no further than this photo of father and son on their most recent golf outing.

As you can see, Ryan used an editing app to obscure his right hand.

And why would he retouch this otherwise wholesome photo in such a bizarre way?

Well, according to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Ryan was covering up his new tattoo.

Ryan Edwards makes an appearance here on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. (MTV)

Yes, it seems that after Edwards completed rehab for the fourth time (that we know of) he decided to celebrate by getting some new ink on the back of his hand.

That’s kind of a strange decision on its own, but it’s made even stranger by the fact that Ryan’s tatt looks like something a perverted eighth grader would scribble in his biology textbook.

It’s not an easy tattoo to describe, but we’ll give it a shot:

Ryan’s hand is now adorned with a crude drawing of two fingers covered in blood.

Ryan Edwards is BACK on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter! But that’s not necessarily a good thing. (Photo Credit: MTV)

The fingers presumably got that way from … uh, contact with a female friend during her time of the month.

The Ashley has included a link for those who feel they simply must see this monstrosity for themselves.

Ryan has a new girlfriend these days, a fellow newly recovered addict named Amanda Connor.

A source close to Amanda says that Ryan covered up the tatt because he knew it wouldn’t be well received by Instagram commenters.

This is another Ryan Edwards mug shot. We’ve lost track how many it’s been now for him. (Photo Credit: Hamilton County Sheriff)

“He knew the public would give him a ton of sh-t for it,” the insider told The Ashley.

Based on the comments in the Teen Mom subreddit, it seems that Ryan was absolutely right.

“His children have to look at that. He’s disgusting,” one person wrote.

“I don’t care what anyone says… THAT TATTOO was Ryan’s rock bottom. Not jail, not driving high, not missing out on seeing his son. It’s this tattoo ON HIS HAND,” another chimed in.

“In what world would this ever be appropriate for anyone- let alone the father of a daughter?! What is this even supposed to mean?” a third asked, adding:

Ryan Edwards, On the Mend?
Ryan Edwards has battled an addiction to drugs for years. We hope he’s now all clean and sober. (Photo Credit: MTV)

“Any woman who would willingly entertain the idea of spending time with Ryan Edwards or have sex with Ryan Edwards, needs to see a doctor, immediately.

“This isn’t just a gross T-shirt- he chose to permanently have this inked onto his HAND, WHERE IT CAN BE SEEN by everyone at all times…like what message is this supposed to send?!”

Normal, sober people might wonder what Ryan was thinking when he got the ink, but the sad fact is, he probably didn’t think it over at all.

We just hope that that lack of foresight is not an indication that he’s no longer sober.

Ryan Edwards Debuts INSANE Hand Tattoo During Golf Outing With Bentley; Fans Slam … was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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